Friday, April 25, 2008

4/25/08 Heading Back to Arizona

Our time in California has come to an end.

We could stay in this park for four more days at the $19.50 a night rate but we find that this resort is too far out in the boonies for our liking. With the price of fuel in mind, we have to drive too far to see anything that is of interest to us to make it economically prudent to stay here. So today we will bid farewell California. We're glad we were able to visit this state and not feel the ground earthquakes....even though we were so very close to the San Andreas Fault.

We were on the road by eleven and headed east. We stopped along the way so Bob could check the tightness of the lug nuts on the wheels and while we were stopped I watched this dust devil form and then finally die out.




As we were traveling on Route 62, parallel to railroad tracks, we couldn't help but notice all the graffiti, for the lack of a better term, along the tracks. This went on for miles! Of course all the really cool things to take pictures of are always on Bob's side!


We don't know if this is a "senior class" tradition but as we were traveling down the road we saw the years 2006 and 2007 printed out with white rocks. There could have been previous years noted but if there were we didn't notice them.


Not too much further down the road we came across this!


This isn't a very good picture, but if you look closely you an see that all the things hanging on the fence are SHOES! We couldn't see what this fence is supposed to be enclosing and I barely got a picture of it as we passed it because I was startled when Bob yelled, "SHOES!" since I was looking out his window instead of my own. The one time something is on my side and I'm still looking out his window!

We stopped at this convenience store to get something to munch on while we traveled down the road. I thought we were stopping at an antiques store!


A railroad bridge over the Colorado River.


Just as we were going under it a train crossed.


We're back in Arizona!


Driving through Parker, Arizona,,,the scenery.



What a great place to spend some time! We'd love to stay in a campground like these.


Is this scenery to die for or what?! Look at the color of this water! We're from the east coast, we don't get to see water this color very often.


We finally arrived our destination...Lake Havasu City. We're staying in the Havasu RV Resort for the next five days...for FREE! Well, free for except 90 minutes of our time to take a tour and then as long as it takes for them to understand the words NO, THANK YOU!

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