Friday, April 4, 2008

4/2/08 Waiting, Waiting, Waiting....

I HATE to wait! For anything! Well, except maybe for getting a needle.

We closed up the rig to get it ready for the service bay where it will spend the day. We got in line at 8:30 even though our appointment wasn't until nine. Lucky for us, Tony our Service Writer, was available just 10 minutes later. Bob told him that we wanted the wheel bearings repacked, the brakes checked out and a tire with a slow leak looked at. They don't do tires. That's ok, its a very slow leak anyway. Since they are under warranty we can wait until we can get to a Goodyear dealer.

Our plan was to drop off the rig and then go spend the day with my cousin Mike and his wife Jeannette who lived fairly close by. Well, THAT didn't happen! Tony said our rig would be taken in right away and since our service guy had a helper today the work would be done in no time. OK, that's a good thing. Yeah, right!

We went out for breakfast and took a ride in the area giving them time to get the work done.

When we returned in the late morning we were informed that we have heavy duty axles (that's a good thing!) and that they don't stock the size seals needed. (that's NOT a good thing) He assured us that they could get them locally and would have them delivered, ok, we're back to a good thing again. He didn't know how long it would take to get them here but it could be in as little as a half hour. We decided to wait rather than drive to Buckeye to see Mike and Jeannette. They were about a 30 minute drive away and we would have to back before they closed the service department so we thought it best to stay put. By one the seals still weren't delivered so I called Mike to tell him to go on with his day that we weren't going to make it. I was bummed out about this because I really wanted to spend the day with them sitting around their pool.

So we hung around the dealership. We were at Beaudry's not too long ago and had already gone through all the rigs so there was no need to do that again. Bill and Peggy were also hanging around the dealership so we spent time with them. Peggy didn't have a blog when we met them but she does now! There were two computers in the lounge area so we got on one and got her set up.

By late afternoon the seals were delivered by NAPA and the service man agreed to stay as long as necessary to get the job done. Another good thing since is our HOME after all and we needed it to sleep in tonight.

The best news of all was that our brakes are fine and no work needed to be done on them. Tony reduced our bill since we had to wait all day when he told us the work would be done in no time at all. Another GOOD thing!

It was now going on six o'clock so we decided to spend the night in the parking lot once again since it was too late to go anywhere this late in the day. Besides, it was FREE!

We'll head to California tomorrow.

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