Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/7/08 Another Monday....

Today the most exciting thing we did today was go to Walmart in El Centro to a prescription refilled. As usual, the pharmacy didn't have enough pills to fill the whole prescription. This happens nearly every time and it doesn't matter if it is Walmart's pharmacy, Walgreen's or K-Mart's pharmacy. On a happy note a 30 pack of Bob's brand of beer, Bud Lite, was on sale for less than $17.00.

Here's a picture of a gas station sign for regular gas. I hope YOUR gas is cheaper than this.


Granted, this is a convenience store station and prices may be a few cents more than regular branded gas stations but with prices this high do a few measly cents make a difference? Oh my, what am I saying...of course those few cents make a difference! At regular gas stations diesel seems to be holding steady at $4.03. Now that I've written that the price will probably skyrocket.

During our ride off the Air Facility today we took note that all the land surrounding the base is farmland. They grow something that looks like hay or straw but I'm not positive what it is. One thing is for sure, there's a lot of it! Huge, HUGE, stacks of this stuff, much of it under pole barns and the rest covered with giant tarps.

IMG_2533 IMG_2535

IMG_2536 IMG_2534

We passed this on the road and I immediately thought of LaVon. So this is for YOU my Quail Run friend. I call it..........

Dead Tree


A few weeks ago Don and LaVon took a few days and went to the Grand Canyon. LaVon took over 500 pictures along their drive and at the Canyon. After their return I went over to see the pictures in the slideshow she set up on her computer. It didn't take long to see a pattern. Ninety five percent of the pictures had either a dirt road or a dead tree in it. After 30 or so pictures I started calling out what I saw. It went like this as the pictures changed from one to the next.....

Dirt road, dead tree, dirt road, dead tree, dirt road and a dead tree, dead tree, dead tree, dirt road.....

Now I'm sure not all the trees were dead but in fact just hadn't started their spring bloom.

I don't even think LaVon realized that there was a theme going on until I pointed it out. We had a great laugh over it. So LaVon, I hope you appreciate the effort to get this picture just for you!


LaVon Baker said...

That's amazing! You noticed a dead tree and look, you have to admit, it has .... character. Every time I see an unusual dead tree, it reminds me of you and how much we have laughed about my dead trees. As I think back, I've been taking pictures of dead trees for years. I guess I should see a therapist, huh?

LaVon Baker said...

If it looks like hay, smells like hay, tastes like hay... must be hay. Those are the BIG square bales, except they are not really square, but that's what they're called... guess it's easier to say "square" than it is to say "rectangle."
CAN YOU BELIEVE WHO WAS VOTED OFF "AI"????? We need to talk. I'm going to call now.