Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/27/08 Roads Are Too Crowded!

We decided to stay in today because traffic around here is just unbelievable! Between the boat races, pleasure boating and the poker run, well, traffic is just bumper to bumper. It seems all the vehicles are either motorcycles or trucks with boats in size from small ski to large cigarettes in tow and then add in small to large RV's and the city residents out doing errand running, well it was just safer and less nerve wracking to stay in today.

I did venture out long enough to take some pictures of where we are staying. By the way, we haven't been contacted as yet for our tour, our payment, for staying here.

So here we are in .....


They have beautiful horseshoe pits. I bet Don and Chuck and the guys from Quail Run would love to play these!


There is this other "green" but I don't know its for, for sure. I'm thinking bocce ball, but again, I'm not sure.


The pool area.


A shaded sitting area overlooking the pool.


Another sitting area.


For the golfer's there are putting greens to get some practice in on.


A babbling brook alongside the putting greens.


Waterfalls like this, and the babbling brook above, are common throughout the park. We have one right behind our rig.


Moving inside the main building is the large sitting area.


Another view of the same room.


Take note of the kitchen in the picture above. It is there for residents use. TWO stoves, we would have killed for this in Quail Run at party/dinner time! TWO large refrigerators, TWO microwaves, a HUGE double sink. When I first walked in here I thought I had double vision!


This is the TV room, on the opposite wall, which I couldn't get in the picture, is a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall over a stone fireplace.


The Game Room and Library.


Here is one of the babbling brooks that is situated between the "backyards" of each block of lots.


An attractive resort, to be sure. So what do you get for the money you spend for your own personal lot here? Oh, yeah, I did find out how much the lots are.... $75,000! Here's what you get....


A CEMENT PAD! A light fixture, a plant and gravel. Hmmm...where IS our checkbook?

This the view we have from our rig.


What our sunsets look like every night.


So, this is where we are spending our time for the next few days. Not bad for FREE is it?

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LaVon Baker said...

Wow! Really nice. Do you have to make reservations for those recliners in the TV room or is it first come, first serve?