Friday, April 18, 2008

4/17/08 A Beautiful Day in the Desert

What a great day to be in the desert! It was the perfect day. Not too hot, nowhere near the 99 degrees we've had the past few days. There was a breeze but not like the wind we've also had the past few days. Yep, a perfect day.

Bob started his waxing of the rig, one section at a time, wherever there was shade.

I took the time to get the bill paying done and also emptied our laundry bags once again.

We spent some time deciding on which RV resort we'll go to next in the Palm Springs, CA area. We found one that really liked and learned that they are a Passport America member. What that means is that any Passport America holder can stay there for half price. So instead of paying the reduced summer rate of $39.00 we'll pay $19.50 per night now that we joined PA today. It cost us $39.00 to join but it will pay for itself the first time we use it. Oh yeah, I'm all about paying half price!

You may have noticed on the sidebar that there is a different counter. I put this on a few days ago, this counter not only tells me how many hits the blog received but also details about who is coming to the blog. No, no, not names or anything like that but things like what time is busiest. Nine and ten in the morning are busy times as is eight at night.

The stat counter also tells me where the readers are from, what country actually. As of this writing there are:

  • 129 readers from the United States
  • 8 from Canada
  • 1 each from Germany, Spain, Netherlands, French Guiana and the United Kingdom

This by no means says all are daily or even weekly visitors to the blog, just that they have visited at least once within the last 3 days.

How did they find our blog? I am also told what key words were used in the Google search engine to bring the blog up. Some were surprising.


  • Snookie and Bob's blog
  • How to kill a groundhog
  • Skyway Sunshine Fishing Pier
  • 8' no see ums screen for patio
  • Where do Blue Angels eat in El Centro
  • Dolly Steamboat excursion
  • Santa Fe walking tour miracle staircase ghost
  • Quinns tavern sweatshirt
  • Tampa RV market
  • Underwater Tarpon painting
  • Mudfish
  • LaVon Baker
  • and my personal favorite.....Thingamajig, red toy (go ahead, google it)

I have also learned that readers/visitors have come from our friend's blogs. Several have found their way to our blog via: LaVon's - BakersBlessings, Wendy's - Fury's Follies, DeAnn's - HooversHappenings, Bobby & Shelley's - EvansRvAdventures, Cathy's - MontyAdventures and Peggy's - TravelingCardinals.

So this is how we have gotten so many hits on the blog. If any more unusual Google search phrases come up I'll let you know. I still can't get over the Thingamajig, red toy one.

After dinner of burgers on the grill we settled in for Survivor night.

Tomorrow is the El Centro Naval Air Facility base picnic and we're invited to join in the on the festivities. Saturday we're taking part in eating our share of a 30 foot ice cream sundae before we head to the downtown area of El Centro for their centennial celebration. Joan Jett is the headliner for that.

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