Monday, April 21, 2008

4/21/08 Check Out, Checked Back In

We were in no hurry to get on the road this morning. Pretty much everything was done so went through our morning routine as we always did. We're only traveling about 90 miles, if that, so there was no great rush to get out the door.

We were finally ready around 12:30 and went across the street from the RV park on base to use the free air for the tires. Bob likes to make sure they all have the proper air pressure before pulling the rig. It was there we discovered that we didn't have a tail light. After much troubleshooting we still couldn't find out what the problem was. Against his better judgement he decided we would proceed the 90 or less miles anyway, with only one tail light.

So we pull out and get not even a quarter mile, not even an eighth of a mile from the RV park and we heard this noise. What now? We got and looked around, OH NO! A flat tire. We limped back the two blocks to the RV park and checked back in. At least no one had taken our spot in the twenty minutes we were gone. I got us checked back in while Bob backed the rig back in place. Our neighbors looked at us like we were nuts!

As soon as he was unhooked I got on the phone to our Emergency Road Service provider, Good Sam. We had a tire service guy here within the hour and he got our inside dually tire traded with the spare in no time at all. There was a small piece of wood, about the size of a matchstick sticking out of our sidewall. Can you say DRY ROT?

While that was going on I was on the phone pricing out new tires. Four of them! You just can't buy one tire on a dually, when one needs replacing, they all get replaced! I was certain that these tires weren't that old and I just couldn't grasp dry rot at this point in time. I got our records out and found that we did indeed have these tires awhile. I was very surprised to learn that we bought this set in December of 04. Still I think they should have lasted longer!

I found four tires for $577.00 at one place but they were a brand we had never heard of. Nope, that won't work. I called another place and they have B F Goodrich tires, at least a name we are familiar with. Price for those came in at $668.00. I asked if they gave a military discount and they said yes, we could have them for an even $600. Ok, that will work.

Spare on, we made our way, yet again, into El Centro. I went inside while Bob found a parking place and told the guy I talked to on the phone that I had called around and found tires for $577, would he match the price... YES! At that time he had a phone call and answered it with, " America's Tires, are you interested in a $100.00 rebate"? Excuse me....I'M interested in a $100 rebate! He gave it to me so we ended up paying $568, even less I had bargained for! Can you say HAPPY CAMPER????

In about an hour or so we had four new tires on the back of the truck and we put new ones on the front this past September so we're good to go for tires for awhile. The tires on the rig are new too so we're really good to go!

Since we are "undoing" our ready for travel rig as little as possible we decided to go out for dinner. Applebee's was just in the next block so that was our choice. Tummies filled with steak and garlic mashed potatoes we went back home for an evening of TV.

Bob did take a little bit of time to try to figure out what was wrong with our tail light and we think its fixed. We'll know more tomorrow.

I have a feeling we just weren't supposed to travel today. First the tail light then the flat tire. For some unknown reason we were kept in El Centro. Maybe it was His way of keeping us out of harm's way.

Heading north tomorrow, we hope, I'll catch up as soon as I can because there is no WIFI where we're going. Not at the rigs anyway, we'll have to go to the clubhouse for a hot spot. This is going to be a pain,,,,we are so spoiled. I can see an air card in my future very soon!


Wendy and Rick Fury said...

Everything happens for a reason. Travel safe. We use our Verizon card for internet. It's not as fast as wifi but it usually works. There are a few places it doesn't work very well but those places are few and far between. Take care.

Tom and Sharon said...

Glad He is keeping you safe. You are right, sometimes things happen to tell us we just aren't supposed to do what we had planned. Hope to see you when you are in Oregon. Be warned, it has still been cold and rather wet even here on the dry side of the state.
Tom and Sharon

LaVon Baker said...

Yes, indeed, God was protecting you.
The air card is awesome. Just always make sure you have cell phone service wherever you park. I had fun going down the highway and being online at the same time... reading our emails. Too cool.

Peggy & Bill said...

Sounds like you definately not suppose to travel that day! Better close to help than out on the road!
We are at a campground with NO CELL SERVICE nor INTERNET SERVICE. Have to drive 3 miles UP a windy road to obtain cell service. Hope we don't have an emergency in the next 2 wks.! Take care & travel safe.
Peg & Bill