Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/12/08 Beaudry Donut Time Again

Today we had Beaudry Rv out of Tucson come in with two rigs, one, a motorhome, and the other a new Montana fifth wheel. I toured the fifth wheel and liked it until I got to the bedroom. Nowhere near enough storage space. Limited drawers and a small closet. Definitely not a fulltiming unit, not for these fulltimers anyway. The kitchen and living room/dining room were very nice and I could have easily lived with what they had to offer. What was pulling the rig is what interested Bob the most. A Ford F-550 that has every imaginable upgrade and addition imaginable. I do have to admit, it was a beauty, as far as trucks go. It had the soft leather seats, the shiny wood dashboard, multi disc CD player, all the built in tool boxes/storage space you could want and the colors even matched the rig we have now. Of course he was more interested in the engine and towing capacity numbers and tires and the hitch. I guess we have different priorities. He was practically drooling over this thing. I can't blame him, its an 06' with only 34,000 miles on it and it was priced ridiculously low for the all extras it had on it. Oh yea, he wants it and wants it bad! It would be nice but our truck IS PAID FOR!

I do feel kind of bad about what happened during the anniversary/birthday acknowlegement segment of Beaudry's visit. While everyone is sitting in the Cantina I asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday in the month of December. There wasn't but if there had been we would have sung the Happy Birthday song. Now prior to starting this, one of the ladies came up to me and told me that her and her husband had just celebrated their anniversary and HE FORGOT! She insisted he come up for donuts and coffee this morning and he did even though he didn't want to. So knowing this when I asked for anniversary dates in the month of December I said, "Well, I know there is one anniversary in the crowd because Al and Carol just celebrated 42 years on the second." The look on his face was priceless! He just sat there and said, "Oh sh _ t! The crowd busted out laughing and I just looked at him and pointed to Carol and said, "Al, she made me do it!" As it turned out we did have another anniversary. Jerry and Phyliss are celebrating 62 years of marriage this month. Sixty two years, I can't even imagine.

We played our mini-golf session this morning and I couldn't put that darn ball in the hole to save my soul. On the other hand, Bob had one of his better days on the course. If we were on the same team we would have balanced each other nicely.

This afternoon brought grocery list making as the New Years Eve menu has been decided. At first it seemed like everything we made needed cream cheese so we had to make some adjustments to the menu. One can only eat so much cream cheese after all. Most of all I'm looking forward to those meatballs with the grape jelly in the mixture. I still can't get over that.

Friday night brought us a relaxing night at home watching TV after a dinner of leftover spaghetti. That's something we never have so I must have been really hungry when I made it yesterday and just kept dumping noodles into the pot.

I did step out for a short while to help one of my friends with her new blog. As soon as its up and running I'll put a link to it here. She's writing all about their trip to Alaska.

It was a beautiful day here today. It was definitely a shorts and T-shirt kind of day. I wish it would last all the way through winter but I have my doubts about that.


LaVon Baker said...

Can't wait to get there!

Peggy & Bill said...

You go girl!!! Helping another get started with their blog! No better teacher!