Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12/2/08 Fun After Work

The Christmas decorating was in full force today, after line dancing class of course. Lights were going up all over the park, walls were adorned with Santa's and trees, every flat surface has something on it, it seems, and we've only just begun.

While the Activities Team was busy decorating, Bob was also. It has begun at home and its going to take just as long to finish up our rig as it is to finish up the whole park. Bob is very meticulous with stringing the lights so that they are all straight and even. This is a good thing because it just looks perfect when he is done. Since the competition seems to be stiff this year much more thought is going into the project. I won't tell you yet what his plans are, I'll wait till its done and get pictures. All of our competition is keeping close tabs on what he's doing.

After work today we met with 36 other workampers in an empty lot for dinner. I told you before that we were to bring a finger food that starts with the first letter of our last name.

Here's our offering....


In case you can't read that, it says, Quinn's Quality Brownies.

Here's Bob in line. The food was so good!


We had one particular dish that everyone was talking about. It was meatballs but there was just a certain flavor to them. We found out who made them and asked what made them so tasty. We were all surprised to hear it was grape jelly! Chile sauce and grape jelly. Who woulda thought? Needless to say there wasn't one meatball left!

We have two fire pits that get fired up for our Tuesday night dinners.


Take notice of the grapefruit tree in the picture above....


.....they are almost ripe.

Dona, one of the Activities Team, her last name starts with C so she brought cauliflower, carrots, celery and cucumbers.


After dark, Casey got the entertainment started with singing an Irish song called Galway Bay for us.


He had everyone's attention.


And then the jokes started. Here's our Steve telling one about priests and lawyers. Steve is a retired Episcopal priest so this joke was all the more ironic.


A good time was had by all but soon it became too chilly to sit out anymore. Next week's menu was decided and a list made of what everyone is bringing. I have to bring sour cream and chopped tomatoes. Yep, its Taco night!

Our fellow workampers are so much fun. I think what I like best is that we are one group. We're not Activities, and those over there are Maintenance, and over there is Housekeeping. We are one group and we play as one group and everyone gets involved.

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LaVon Baker said...

Love the spirit of community that seems to be throughout the whole park!