Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/7/08 We've Made Up Our Minds

Bob put the very last finishing touches on the light display today. At least I think these are the finishing touches. I really don't see what more he can do.

Here's some of our decorations that we have out.





I'll get pictures of the whole rig soon.

We've been throwing around a couple of ideas on what to do when we leave here next April and it looks like we've made our decision. As of today, we're heading to A L A S K A! That's our plan for right now at least. Hopefully, nothing will happen that we'll have to change plans. We figure fuel prices are down and are likely to stay down for a while. I mean really, did YOU ever think you'd see fuel prices this low again? From everything we're hearing gas below a dollar a gallon is a very real possibility. We're thinking its now or never so we're going for it! Our plan right now is to leave here in April and head north, stopping in Oregon and Washington for a short while. We can't head straight up because it will still be too cold. We don't really want to get there much before the end of May. We'll tour Alaska for June, July and August and head back the first of September. Campgrounds close up there right after Labor Day anyway. So it looks like we'll be spending the summer in the Land of the Midnight Sun. We love this lifestyle!


LaVon Baker said...

Alaska! How exciting!! Choose your roadways carefully. We hear some of them can really tear up a rig.

Anonymous said...

Do you have your passport in order?