Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12/30/08 He Called Me Hon, Everything is A-OK

I woke this morning wondering how the day was going to go in light of the truck and the boo-boo yesterday. Within the first few sentences we exchanged he called me hon so I knew all was going to be OK. Whew.

I went up to the Activities Building to get ready for what was going to be a busy day. We have two days to make tons of food. Activity Staff members who weren't even scheduled to work today came in to give a helping a hand. I just have the best team!

Ann, and her husband Ed, owned a bar/restaurant in their previous life and she was the leader of all that had to take place today. With everything running smoothly in the kitchen I headed back to the office to catch up on some things there and because it was best that I stay off my feet. I'm having a great deal of pain in my left leg now and I'm walking with an obvious limp. Everyone I talk to suggests a trip to the doctor and I tell them I'll make an appointment, that I think I have time in March. I'm going to give this a few more days.....

Refrigerator space is at a premium around here and Jeannie was kind enough to open up a park model for us so we could use the fridge and countertops.

A short list of the foods that have to be prepared follows: Meatballs, chicken wings, wieners wrapped in crescent rolls, water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, several dips, dipping oil, 6 loaves of beer bread, vegetable trays, trays of desserts, hot artichoke dip, veggie pizzas, turkey salad sandwiches, ham salad sandwiches and the list goes on and on. We had so much food! I had been told time and time again, "DON'T ever run out of food! I took that advice to heart and I was assured we had enough.

It's so hard to determine how much to make when you don't know if the ones coming to the party have been out to dinner and aren't really hungry or if they only had a late lunch and are showing up starving. Its already been determined that next year a dinner will be served and tickets sold accordingly, dinner and party or just party. This is two years in a row with appetizers so its time for a change anyway.

By the end of the day everything that could be made today was done and the refrigerators are groaning! The teams have just been great! Everyone pitching in wherever needed and staying till the end. The best part? I didn't hear once, "Hey Snookie, we need such and such from the store." Our shopping was complete, a thorough list was made.

One more day to go before we usher in a new year.

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