Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12/23/08 Fifty Six Years and Counting

First things first, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Today they celebrate fifty six years of marriage. Amazing isn't it? Well TODAY it would be amazing. In the days when my parents married they married forever, those of their generation worked through the problems, worked through hard financial times, sick children, lost jobs and whatever else came their way. I'm glad my brother and I have them as an example as we're both married closer to thirty years than twenty.

Time had gotten away from me and I realized this past Saturday that their anniversary was on Tuesday, just a few days away. Oh My! What was I going to do, it wasn't enough time for the mail to get anything there in time, especially with all the holiday mail. I called my sister-in-law Michelle to find out what she and my brother were doing for them and she told me that they were sending them the Christmas dinner table centerpiece. They are so hard to buy for, they have everything they want and need. Here I had been hoping it was something I could pay half for and have them add our names to it. No such luck, it was already ordered. Then I knew what I could do. I called Cindy, my dear friend back in Delaware and asked if she would run an errand for me. She assured me it would be no problem as she lives close to my parents. My next call was to one of my parent's favorite restaurants for a gift certificate, also close by. Cindy picked it up and delivered it for me. Thank you my friend, I owe you one! Whew, got through that one.

There's a chill in the air today. Not enough for a heavy jacket but chill enough that you notice it, a damp chill. The weather man says rain is coming, of course we hear that so often and it never happens. I hope he's wrong again.

We've got one more day to sell tickets for News Years Eve. So far we've sold 134 tickets which is pretty good considering the size of this park and how many went home for the holidays. We're were counting on a hundred so our expectations have been surpassed already.

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