Friday, February 1, 2013

2/1/2013 So Long Florida!

(FL, AL, Gulfport, MS)

This is one of the branches that fell on our roof last night.  It’s about four feet long and probably weighs about three to four pounds, it is a hardwood.


It didn’t  take us long to get to the border and cross into Alabama.  We just looked at each other and smiled.  We were so glad to be out of Florida.  Don’t get me wrong, Florida has some great things to offer, its just not the place for us.  We are thankful for the nice people we met, for the friends we got to connect with again and for a good staff at Lazy Days to help us through these growing pains and breaking in period with the new rig.


Actually, we weren’t in Alabama all that long and then we were in Mississippi.


We reached our destination earlier than we thought we would so we pressed on to Gulfport.  We first thought we would stay until Monday morning as we knew we didn’t want to travel on Super Bowl Sunday.  We finally decided to stay two nights and travel Saturday.

We’re at Shield’s RV Park on the Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport.  Think Seabee’s.


Ever wonder where these Navy men and women got the name Seabees?  From what they are and do…Construction Battalion  C.B.  Though it doesn’t show well in this picture the “bee” wears a sailor’s cap and its back two sets of legs holds tools, hammer, wrench etc and the front two are holding a machine gun.

I went to the commissary to pick up a few things and on the way passed these “Brylcreem signs” on the way.  A unit has just returned from a tour of duty or is expected any day I would imagine.



I saw one sign that said,


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