Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/11/2014 Wildlife & Nice People

(Damascus, VA)

Wildlife is getting more visible during the week now. 
In one morning we saw three deer within a mile.  We saw this first one just a few sites up from ours.

On the way down to the gatehouse we saw this doe and her fawn.  (look to the left of the doe and you’ll see her baby)

We’re getting reports of bears but we haven’t seen one yet.

Now on to the nice people.  I’ve said time and again that we meet the nicest people.  Today I met another such couple

Joe and Donna C.

They were camping with us and stopped by the gatehouse on their way out.  We struck up a conversation and we talked for about a half hour or so.  They told me about things in the area to see and festivals that are must go to’s that are coming up.  We talked camping.  Conversation then led to our fulltime lifestyle and they had lots of questions for me.  I so wish they had been camping in the site next to ours because I would really like to get to know them better.  They did say they would be back again and I’m hoping when they return that we at least get a chance to share a campfire with them.

Yep, we meet the nicest people!

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