Friday, June 13, 2014

6/13/2014 A Great Dinner Out!

(Damascus, VA)

After work today we teamed up with Myra and JT and went to the the Heartwood.  Heartwood is hard to explain.  It’s a restaurant. It’s a concert hall.  It’s a store that sells local artisan’s creations.  It’s a meeting place.  And probably more things that I don’t know about.

Myra had gotten a hold of a flyer about Heartwood and what all is there and listed was the seafood buffet they held twice a month.  We called to get more info and liked what we heard.  Reservations were made.

We took off at five for Abingdon which is about 17 miles from the mountain.  There weren’t many cars when we first got there so we were seated right away and we could begin filling our plates, again and again.  At twenty dollars per person this was definitely forty bucks well spent.

We started with the salad bar, hush puppies that were to die for (!) and peel and eat jumbo shrimp.  That plate done we went for the main courses.  Of course we went all back for more of the hush puppies.

There were several kinds of fish which included, catfish, king crab legs, tilapia, salmon (which my dinner companions just raved about) chicken masala, meatloaf, smashed red potatoes, buttered corn and a few other things that I can’t even remember right now.  Needless to say we visited these tables a second time.

When we finished grazing the salad, shrimp, hush puppy table and the main course tables it was time to partake of the array of desserts.  Oh.  My.  We were all full before we even went there but we had to go anyway.  Rich chocolate cake, apple pie ala mode, pecan pie, carrot cake and a few others I steered clear from.

I think each one of us was uncomfortably full.  Kinda like Thanksgiving dinner, know what I mean?

We walked around Heartwood in hopes of working some of that dinner off.  We checked out each of the rooms.  Each one held beautiful displays of textile creations, paintings, woodworking, jewelry, soaps and lotions, books and the list goes on.

If the truth be told we all were still feeling full when we finally left.

An enjoyable dinner?  You bet!  Will we go again?  You bet!

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