Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/28-6/29/14 A Flower Blooms

(Damascus, VA)

The forest is in bloom!  These buds have been set for quite awhile and they are finally opening.  These bushes are everywhere in the campground.  Every site has them, the roadways are lined with them and the flowers seem to last quite awhile once they fully open.

They don’t seem to have any fragrance but they are lovely to look at en masse.

Bob and I were talking once again about what its like living in the shade.  We have decided that we are definitely desert people.  So now we can say, “We don’t do cold.  We don’t do snow.  And we don’t do shade!”  You just don’t realize how much you take something like sunshine for granted.

Todd and Amanda, the new camp hosts, came over to visit.  They don’t have TV so they borrowed some movies.  They will call for Directv tomorrow.  We gave them our account number so they will get $10.00 off their bill and so will we for the next months.  I’ve got three of these deals going now, maybe soon I too will be called a Referral Queen.

When our campers leave most of them fill out a short survey about their experience in the campground. It seems some people just have to have something to complain about.  Recently we received a survey that had a written complaint that the urinals are too high on the wall for young boys.  Excuse me???  For me, that wouldn’t even be an option available to my son if he was that young that he couldn’t reach it.  I’m going to have to make it a point to go into one of the men’s room during the week when there is no one here so I can see just how high they are.


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