Friday, June 20, 2014

6/18-6/20/2014 Oh What a Storm!

(Damascus, VA)

On the way down to the gatehouse on Wednesday morning we came across a deer that just stood there and looked at us.

They usually run into forest as soon as they see us but this wasn’t budging until we practically got on top of him.

It was a pretty slow day today for both of us.  This campground is definitely a weekend getaway type of place.

I snapped this picture in the afternoon of our streetWoodsy, pretty isn’t it?

Thursday, after work, we went into a Damascus for a beer and Pepsi run.  We take notice of this one particular house every time we pass it.  Its old, we like the style of it and we are just amazed that it doesn’t seem to have ever had even one brush full of paint on it.
Well, this week as we went by we noticed right away all the scaffolding around it.
It seems that this house is going to get some work done to it.  It will be fun to watch the transformation from bare wood to a painted surface.  At least we hope its going to be painted.

Look at this furry looking moth that landed on an outside vase we have.


On Thursday afternoon we had one heck of a storm!  (Again) Of course it started the minute I walked out of the gatehouse with my purse, camera, laptop bag, laundry detergent and a laundry bag full of clean clothes.  By the time I went back for our hanging clothes, which I had hoped to hang out to dry, it was pouring.

We got halfway up the mountain to our loop and hail started.  It came down so hard and so fast.

We pulled over into the oncoming traffic land to get under the trees for protection.

We are so sick of rain.  We have now figured out that we don’t do cold and we don’t do rain!  We are definitely desert people now.

Friday morning Edit said, “Get your camera!  Come get a picture of this!”  I quickly grabbed it and headed out the front door.  She pointed to the ground and I hurried to get the picture before it was gone.  She said, “You don’t have to rush, its dead already.”  What a shame, so pretty too.

The weekend is here, wonder what it will bring….besides more rain.

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