Thursday, June 26, 2014

6/25-6/26/2014 A Goodbye & Hello Party

(Damascus, VA)

The time has come to say so long to our co-hosts, Myra and JT.  The signed on for a two month stint and now their time is up.


We were to have a going away BBQ on Wednesday but it rained.  Imagine that.  It was changed to Thursday which had a better forecast.

Not only was this a goodbye, farewell party it was also a Hello, glad to meet you, party as new camp hosts have just arrived.  Al & Diane came in on Saturday and hadn’t had a chance to meet everyone yet.

As with every get together we had way too much food.

Bob was the grill master for this dinner.


Ken & Edie, our park managers and hosts for this party.

With all the food we had, and there was a lot of it for the fifteen people that were there, Myra was most looking forward to the cake.

Now Ken was looking forward to the brownies.  Ken loves brownies.  Assistant park manager, Melissa, makes him brownies all the time and I have to say, she makes very good ones.   Much to Ken’s chagrin I brought the pan of brownies out to be cut.  I think Ken was thinking out of sight, out of mind.  Ahhh, Ken, silly, silly Ken.  High up on my list of favorites is brownies also.  I knew it was just killin’ him when I brought them out.  I had no choice but to add salt to his wound.  I sat right in front of him and ate one.

Now in this picture it may seem as if he isn’t paying any attention to me but I can assure he is aware of every bite I take of that brownie.  I thought he was going to keel over when I went for a second one.  He even went as far as threatening me.  Oh yeah, I really hit a nerve here.  He doesn’t play fair though.  He threatened to gather all the spiders he could find and bring them to my house.

I’m really going to miss Myra.  In the last two months we have developed a nice friendship.  She’s talking about her and JT coming to Arizona next winter and Quail Run in particular.  I hope so.

Bob also developed an intense friendship, in a much shorter time I might add.

Missy wouldn’t leave his side after he gave her a leftover hamburger.

So it was farewell, safe travels to JT and Myra and Hello, welcome to Al and Diane.

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