Thursday, June 5, 2014

6/3-6/5/14 It Was a Miracle!

(Damascus, VA)

It was a quiet three days at work.  Quiet but one thing happened that you could almost call a miracle!

Meet David.

The only thing I know about him is his first name.  It isn’t for lack of trying to find out more which I’ll explain in a few sentences further down.

David was here, at the lake, over the weekend. I don’t know if he was fishing, swimming in the lake, or out for a boat ride.  I don’t know if he was by himself, with one other person or with a crowd.  See, I told you the only thing I knew was  that his first name is David.

Well, he came back during one of my shifts.  He told me he was going to the lake and I charged him the $5.00 day use charge.  After I gave him his mirror tag he informed that he was also paying for the vehicle behind him.  This wasn’t the first time that has happened on my shift and I thought perhaps it was his son and a buddy in the truck and that Dad was springing for the parking fee for his son.  That was, of course, before I had even seen who was in the truck.

He pulled ahead so that I could register his “son”.  As you can guess it wasn’t his son after all but two gentlemen I quickly figured were his friends instead.  As I handed the passenger the mirror tag I said something like, “Good luck, I hope you catch a lot of fish.”  The fellow chuckled and said, “Oh we’re not here to go fishing, we’re divers and we’re looking his wedding ring in the lake.”  I thought to myself, “Lots of luck with that!”  If he had lost while swimming, well, lots of people had been swimming the bottom greatly disturbed as kids ran through the water.  If it had slipped off his finger when casting….well, how do you even begin to find that?  As they pulled away I just shook my head and wished them luck.   I also asked them to tell the fellow to stop and let me know if he got his ring back.

Not too much time had passed and the diver’s were back.  They stopped to turn in their mirror tag and I asked if they had found the ring.  I was flabbergasted when they told me they had!  Who woulda thought?  Adventure Diving divers, YOU ROCK!

Shortly after David came through and told me how happy he was to have his ring back.

I asked how in the world did they ever find it and since he knew the area where it went in they just went under and took handfuls of sand and gently sifted it through their fingers.
I called Adventure Diving to get more info about David so that I could call him to ask some questions.  I want to know if he was swimming, boating or fishing.  I want to know what his wife’s reaction was to him losing his ring.  Or perhaps he is a widower which might have made the loss all that more painful.  These are answers I may never know.  The divers have a message on their machine that they are diving in Cozumel and won’t be back for awhile.

In the long run, it doesn’t really matter what the answers are, it just would have added more to this post and I’m just very happy that this man has his wedding ring back.  But….I’m not as happy as he is!

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