Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/15/2014 A Birthday Celebration Times Two

(Damascus, VA)

Before I do anything else I need to send a shout out and a Happy Birthday to our sister-in-law Linda.

A day off for us but we didn’t do anything other than run into Damascus to pick up some things we had run out of at the store.  Of course neither one of us thought to take our phones with us as we left on the spur of the moment.  We get so little phone time and chances to check our messages and texts so we were both kickin’ ourselves.

Bob has been keepin busy doing maintenance type things to the 5th wheel and the truck.

I tried to sit out in the sun this afternoon after the campers left.  I lasted all of five minutes because the flies were so bad.  I just can’t seem to get a break here.

After dinner we headed down to the park managers place to celebrate two birthdays.  Ken, our park manager and Butch, a co-host are both celebrating their birthday this week.

Edie, Ken’s wife, put out quite a spread with a cake and ice cream with all the trimmin’s.


Butch, in the center was celebrating a birthday.
Ken and Butch each had a candle to blow out.

Edie getting Ken’s candle ready.
Time to eat!

This is Taffy.  She belongs to Butch and Kathy.  Every time we all get together they bring her her very own chair to sit in.  This is one spoiled pooch!

In this picture she sure does look like our furkid that we had for so many years.

I’m glad that we have these get togther’s.  it helps pass the time on the mountain and gives us a chance to get to know our fellow workampers.

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