Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/2014 The Rest of the Story

(Damascus, VA)

What a great morning!  Myra picked me up at our site at ten and we spent the next hours playing Mexican Train with Edie and Melissa.  Sitting outside in the fresh mountain air, laughing with friends as we play, what could be better?  Count me as a happy camper.

Bob worked his hours on our loop and in the afternoon washed the rest of the rig so its now all clean and shiny.  I know you must be asking yourselves if this man ever relaxes.  I’ll answer that with a two letter word….NO!  I don’t know what he would do if ever had to go on complete bed rest.  He’d go stark raving mad!

After our game was over I took my place in the gate house for my afternoon shift.  Since we had a whole 3 campers on the mountain I didn’t have a whole lot to do.  I made good use of this time on the Internet.

First up was reading my mail.  I tell you this for a reason.  Do you remember back in the beginning of June when I told you about David, the fellow who lost his ring in the lake and it was found by the divers and that I wish I knew all details behind the story?  Well, I heard from David.  When I asked him if I could take his picture I explained why I wanted to and what I would do with it.  I gave him the blog address in case he wanted to read what I wrote.  He filled in the details for me.  Here’s what he wrote.

This is Dave commenting back to you about the story you put on your blog about my wedding ring. To clear up a few of the loose ends I was fishing from the covered pier in Bear Tree Lake. I use a wheelchair and since I have to roll a long way in this park to get to the fishing pier I was wearing a pair of padded fingerless biker gloves which protect my hands from injury and gives me good breaking force because wheelchairs are difficult to stop if there are steep hills like the ones in Bear Tree Park. I got to the pier and was setting up my tackle etc. to fish and took off my gloves to be more able to tie my hooks and lures onto my fishing poles. I did not know it but my wedding ring had pulled off my finger due to a loss of weight I have had recently. Its funny but I think I have gained back that weight in all the wrong places and not in my hands. To my surprise my wedding ring fell out of the glove and rolled into Bear Tree Lake. I felt like such a fool to let that happen because I knew my ring was very loose and this could happen because a similar thing happened to my dad. He was lucky also because one of his best friends found his ring after a dishonest person found it on the ground tried to pawn it to him.

I thought the water was no more than three feet deep in front of the pier. But the next day my wife Carol and I went to check to see if she could reach the ring and she could not reach bottom at the front of the pier and it was then we learned that it was more like six or seven feet deep there. That's when I realized it would require the services of a scuba diver to find my ring. That is when I contacted Adventure Diving after looking them up on the web.  Alan Linkous is the owner of the company and when I asked him what he could do for me he confidently replied, "I will get your ring back". I had no doubt that Alan would do everything he had to do to find my ring. We met at Bear Tree Lake like you said and Alan went right to work and after a short time of surveying the area.  He started lifting up silt and letting it sift away a little at a time until he found my ring. I was so relieved because my wife Carol had bought it for me on our fifth anniversary. It is very valuable and it means so much to me to have it back. I was glad I found Adventure Diving because they are professional and honest. Any one could have put that ring in their pocket and sold it at the gold exchange. I highly recommend them if you ever need to find something under water.
And that is what Paul Harvey would call the rest of the story.  Dave, thank you much for writing in and letting me know all the background about this.  It is much appreciated.

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