Saturday, June 7, 2014

6/6-/6/7/2014 Crazy Time at the Gate House!

(Damascus, VA)

Before I left my shift at the gate house on Thursday afternoon, I looked at the paperwork for reservations that were made for the coming weekend.  I saw that the camping loop called Chipmunk Circle was pretty well booked and the Group Camping sites were all reserved.  Since I  was on duty Friday morning I wasn’t really concerned figuring the last shift would be the one that got hammered after the campers started arriving after work.  Oh boy, was I ever wrong!

It was a gorgeous day Friday and I guess a lot of campers wanted to get an early start.  Did they ever! 

I have a routine that I follow everyday. 

I arrive a few minutes before ten and unlock the gate house, then I set up my laptop to get the weather report for the next three days and record  the information on the white board that hangs on the front of the building.  Next is checking the mailbox for mirror tags of campers who have left early, if there were any.  Reservation notices are pulled from the fax machine and filed.  If it isn’t raining I will then set up the outside counter with clipboards and registration materials that will be used throughout the day.  Lastly, I will set up my cash till.  Then I usually check my email and Facebook and play my games.  I check out a few forums that I follow and do any laundry I might have brought.  I’ll make any phone calls that I want to make and Facebook some more.  Before I know it my fours is up.  Again, this is my usual day, what I normally do.

Not. Today.

There was a camper already there waiting for me so my routine went to hell in a hand basket right from the git-go.  Before I had that camper registered two more showed up.  And the phone rang off the hook the whole time.  Here I was making change from my bank which was still wrapped in a rubber band in the bag.   This is NOT way I do things usuallyIt was nonstop for the first hour or so.  One right after the other, camper, phone call, day use customer, camper, phone call, day use customer, never ending.  This was my first time in over a month that I can say I was busy.

I finally had a lull where I could complete all the paperwork I had generated in the prior hour.  I finally got the cash in the till and I read my first email.  This was a laundry day no less and I finally got my first load in the machine.

This was one crazy day.  I checked and the 4th of July falls on a Friday.  I can hardly wait.


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