Monday, January 12, 2009

1/12/09 Volunteer Breakfast Day

Up early this morning, anxious about the breakfast we're going to serve, I was ready to get this day started.

When I arrived in the Cantina the Quail Run Morning Men's Club was meeting. This group of men meets every morning to drink coffee and solve all the world's problems. I think they even have assigned seats or they are just creatures of habit and always go to the same ones.


The first thing that had to be done was to get the large pots of water on to boil. We then set the serving counter up.

First in line was the quart size plastic freezer bags (buy good ones, brand name) and permanent markers for the volunteers to write their name and how many eggs they were using on the bags.

Next came a large glass measuring cup for cracking the eggs on followed by a large metal bowl for egg shells. We held the bags open for them to pour the eggs into. At this point we sealed the bag and handed it back to the diner for them to squish the eggs to break them up.

Next came the bowls of chopped black olives and sliced mushrooms and they had their choice of three shredded cheeses to choose from. Chopped green and red garden peppers, tomatoes, ham and onion rounded out the rest of their choices.

Sandy holds Carl's bag open while he adds the ham to his omelet.


Once again the bags were sealed and the contents mixed well by squeezing the bag. Its important to make sure as much of the air as possible is squeezed out of the bags. We made note of the name, the time and how many eggs were in it and into the boiling water it went. A two egg omelet will take 13-15 minutes depending on how much "stuff" they put into it.

Jerry and Phyliss get their omelets ready.


The volunteers were then sent to the Carnaval Room where they had their choice of bagels and cream cheese flavors, coffee or orange juice. When their omelets were done we emptied the bags onto their plates and garnished it with three slices of fresh orange and delivered it to them.

April, me and Dona, busy keeping the bags moving.


April checking the progress of the cooking omelets.


This went over BIG! They loved it! The omelets turned out very well in the bags and I think everyone just got a kick out of doing something different. I heard comments all day long as I saw the volunteers around the complex. This is something we will definitely do again next year!

As soon as I was done in the Cantina I went home to make an appointment with the physical therapists. They can get me in tomorrow! Oh happy day!

This afternoon Ann and I were shopping again. This time for strawberries. It was decided that we would have Strawberry Shortcake Night a week from this coming Wednesday. It would be something to do in the evening for everyone and even make some money for the Activities Department. So off we go to Fry's after checking our "Cooking for a Crowd" web site for strawberry shortcake. Ok, we need twelve quarts thinking that probably no more than 75 or so would sign up for this. It takes eight quarts for fifty people and we were comfortable with 12 quarts for 75. When we returned Ginny and Judy sliced them and got them ready for freezing since we didn't think they would last a full week in the fridge. I put a notice up on the bulletin board.


I also made up a sign up sheet with 75 spaces available. Within a few hours it was half filled. That fast.

Bill T., our neighbor, came in to set up a Jam Session in the Carnaval Room. Wednesday was open and it worked for him so we decided to combine the two. We'll set up tables and chairs and send everyone over with their strawberry shortcakes to eat and listen. I made a phone call to another RV park in the area and their guys are going to come over for the jam session too. These fellas had stopped in to see me a a couple of months or so ago and asked if we ever had jam sessions and said that if we did they would love to come play too. Bill said sure, invite them, so I did. This could be a weekly thing, jam sessions and dessert night.

Our weather is spring-like now with temps in the low 70's. More and more people are out at the pool now and outdoor parties are starting throughout the park. Dinner time brings the aromas of steaks and chicken on the BBQ. Ahhhh,,,, spring has arrived in Quail Run!

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