Thursday, January 29, 2009

1/29/09 Some Excitement in the Neighborhood

The "ticket window" in the office was busy all day today. Between tickets sales and the winter residents turning in their registration slips and entry fees for the Quail Run Senior Winter Olympics, well, we were kept jumping.

I spent a few hours today finishing up the newsletter and its ready to go to press tomorrow morning. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. We've got a whopping 16 pages this month and I could have probably done 18 if I wanted to, but I've got to be mindful of printing costs.

We had some excitement on my street today. Our next door neighbors, Steve and Carol, (we stayed at their home in Salt Lake City this summer) got their new rig today. It is just beautiful! Its an 08 Montana and just so nice! I want one!


I asked Carol if she wanted to trade but she said no. I told her I thought we were good friends and she replied, "Snookie, we are good friends, but not THAT good!"

I hope they have many happy seasons in their new home.

Bob played poker tonight but didn't have a good night at all. It seems one player had all the luck tonight and took everyone's money.

I made a run into town to get printer ink for the computer in the office and Kim went with me to pick up some things she needed. Its nice to have someone to ride along and to talk to when taking care of errands.

I thought about sitting in the hot tub tonight but it was just a tad too chilly to walk up there and to think about walking home in a wet bathing suit, towel and warm wraparound or not.

Maybe tomorrow night.

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