Saturday, January 3, 2009

1/3 - 1/6/09 A Few Days at a Time

During the three day period this post covers there just wasn't a whole lot going on. I did laundry. Now are you thrilled to death to know that or what? Would your day be complete if I didn't take the time to type those words out?

Actually, we've been busy in the office. Lots of new people have arrived in the park since the holidays are over and they are all coming in to get tickets for our upcoming events. January, February and March are proving to be very busy months ahead and I'm still adding things to the calendar.

We took "couple pictures" New Years Eve in front of a painted canvas that was made last year and lots of people have been coming in to get them in addition to the tickets.

On Monday, Ann, the former restaurant owner and I went to town to buy all the things we'll need for the January Luncheon we'll be putting on for the residents on Wednesday. (7th) I can't believe we're cooking again already! We had to buy 16 pounds of roast beef, four individual roasts actually, 5 pounds of potatoes, 12 cans of tomato sauce, 6 heads of lettuce, a dozen large tomatoes, 6 pounds of frozen mixed vegetables, 10 pounds of ham and 7 pounds of cheese. That was the large part of the order, there were other things too.

Tuesday we prepared homemade vegetable beef soup for 100. Three very large soup pots and I was just praying we were making enough. One of the Activitity Staff members, Bill, had sent me several web sites for Cooking for a Crowd, Cooking for 100 and things like that. They are just wonderful sites to have for times like this. They were immediately put into my favorites folder!

For this luncheon we are having tomorrow we even have entertainment. The Red Hat Ladies are providing a "fashion show" for us. I didn't want any of the details because I like to be surprised just like everyone else, but I hear it is going to be hilarious.

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