Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16/2009 We Explored The Coast

Today we took to the road and explored the California coastline. Well, a small part of it. We started out in Seal Beach, passed through Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, maybe a few others I can't remember and ended up in Dana Point.

Would you or would you not kill for the view this home must have?


A closer look.


Though I couldn't see one I would hope that there are set of stairs that allow these people down to the beach.

Now I didn't take this picture because of the computer store....that's US in the store window! What a good looking truck!


As we made our way through the beaches on the way to Dana Point I was reminded of driving through the Delaware Beaches. It was like driving through Rehoboth, then Dewey, then Bethany, then Fenwick Island to Ocean City, MD. Beach town after beach town with all the same shops and food places. Well, not EXACTLY the same shops. On the east coast we have Harpoon Hanna's, here its Harpoon Henry's. But the surf shops and the hotels are basically the same. Maybe a little oh hell, alot more upscale!

We pulled into our destination, Dana Wharf and could see all kinds of boats. Big ones, little ones, motorized ones, ones with sails, you name it was there.

Like I said, from big ones ....


to little ones....


After walking around and checking out the ridiculously expensive pricey gift shops it was time to get something to eat.

We found this little outdoor area that served several take out food shops.


This fellow played his saxophone while everyone ate or just enjoyed some time sitting in sun on the benches that were placed all around.


Bob ordered a fish and chips lunch from ...



I had an ice cream cone for lunch.

Although there are signs all around not to feed the birds, especially pigeons, I couldn't help but watch this one checking out what these ladies were eating. There were not shy about flying down and landing on the table looking for a handout.


One little toddler dropped his piece of fish and within mere seconds these birds were all over it.


I was taken with the flowers that were planted in the planters all around the dock area. I don't know what this is but I would love to have these in Arizona if they could withstand the summer heat. Anyone know what they are?


I know these next ones as Chicks and Hens, but I've never seen them THIS big!


IF we go out whale watching next Wednesday, its two for one day, then we'll be going on this. I better get some Dramamine.


I caught this eagle with a fish in its claws as it flew over!


Now if you believe that, I've got some ocean front property in Wyoming to sell you!

I felt like we were in Hitchcock's movie, The Birds.


A white bird.


More flowers from Dana Point.



As we were driving back to Seal Beach we couldn't help but notice that the intersections were "decorated". These aren't bricks.


Can you say.....Please don't let there be a mudslide! No way, not me, way too close to the edge for me.


A going down the road picture. The water is looking better here, it seems to have a blue tint to it.


We took notice that most of the houses that face the ocean have these glass "fences". I guess they don't want anything to mar their view. I guess I can't blame them.


We couldn't help but notice the other cars on the road with us. We've never seen so many Porches, BMW's, Escalades and Hummers, not too mention the Rolls Royce's on the road, in all our lives. And that's what the KIDS were driving! Here this Rolls even has wood trim for its convertible top compartment.


We pulled in for fuel ($2.37 for diesel) and this mural was on the wall of the building next door.


So that was our afternoon. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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LaVon Baker said...

Loved the ride!
You reeled me in with the bald eagle picture, but I was thinking, I know there are Mexican eagles in the south, but the bald eagles are further up north,,,,, right?
We watched Volcano last night. I'll be glad when ya'll are out of California. :-)