Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/21/2009 No Mouse for the Quinn's

Well, we got up this morning, showered, dressed, did a few chores around the rig to help pass the time in anticipation of the park office opening at 9:30 so we could get our tickets for Disneyland and make the 20 minute trip to visit Mickey and Minnie. I walked through the office door at 9:31 only to be told that their allotment of tickets was gone but that more were ordered. I asked when they expected the next batch to arrive only to be told....next week. We won't be here then. So we scratched the trip to Disneyland. Oh yeah, we could have still gone and paid full price but after being in Disney World a dozen times and knowing that Disneyland fits in Disney World's PARKING LOT, well, I just wasn't putting that kind of money out for one quarter of the attractions we've seen in the sister park.

So what did we do? We stayed home. Neither one of us could come up with a thing to do. Just between you and me, I think we are having a hard time adjusting to being alone together 24/7 again and I'm getting on his nerves and he's getting on mine. Remember, we just spent several months hardly ever seeing each other because I was so busy and now we are never out of each other's sight. This is going to take awhile to adjust to again. Don't worry, we've gone through this before and we'll get through it.

So I spent the day reading, on the computer, on the phone and watching TV. Bob on the other hand spent his time outside working on the truck.


He installed the first part of the tire pressure monitoring system that we bought earlier this month. If he keeps adding gadgets our dashboard is soon going to rival a dash on a space shuttle!


READERS! You have been de-lurking! Don't feel bad if you didn't de-lurk yesterday I found out its DE-LURKING WEEK! So c'mon, get those comments in, let me know you're out there! Livingston, let me hear from you! There is a reader in Dover, DE, do we know you? Denver, San Jose, San Bernadino and Temecula, CA, Reston, VA, Victoria, TX, Rapid City, New York City and Philly....DE-LURK!

I had some wonderful messages from those who did leave comments.

Lou, I remember you! Back in the beginning I was going to change blog sites and asked those of you who wanted to be notified where I was going to email me so I could let you know. You emailed me then. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to hear you are still following along.

Stephanie, we will be coming to Montana! Who knows, maybe through your town and we can meet for coffee (Pepsi).

I was especially happy to hear from Debbie in Arkansas because she introduced me to THIS! Thanks so much Deb, I'm placing my order today.

Kdehri....I've been looking for you on Bandit! I've often wondered if you were still following. Glad to hear you are. I'd like to play Yahtzee again with you.

Thanks, to LaVon, Helen, Kathy, Peggy, Maryann, Lindsay, Debi and our anonymous friend in Charleston, SC for checking in.

Well, I've got some exciting news to share with you. Yesterday I got an email from a lady whose name is Greta and whose computer tag is RVTraveler75. I don't know this lady but she told me she has been following our blog from almost the beginning. She also follows my friend LaVon's blog, which you can find here. Well it seems she has nominated both of us for a Bloggers Choice Award! You can see the new addition to the sidebar at the top. Click on the icon and VOTE! Please. Yes, you'll have to register but it doesn't take long at all. If you can de-lurk, you can vote! Place your vote for this blog and our friend LaVon's site too. Take us to the top friends! Greta,,,THANK YOU!


skip and cindy said...

Hi Snookie
We are still reading and enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

Snookie, The Temecula site is probably me. Hemet and Temecula are next door neighbors and sometimes I show up there. Treasa