Monday, April 6, 2009

4/6/2009 We Go To School

Bob spent his morning at the local Ford dealer getting the transmission fluid changed in the truck. There's lots of maintenance stuff to get done before we take off on our long journey.

I have decided that I am not going to be the Activities Director next year here in Quail Run. I had fun in that position this year and I've been told time and time again that everyone just had the best time this year and that all I did was appreciated. But if the last two weeks are any indication, Bob and I have been missing out on a lot because I was putting in so many hours once the season really started. We've missed a lot parties and get together's and most importantly missed out on good times and time spent with the group we haven chosen to grow old with. Time is too short. Someone else can put in all the hours next year. We want to play with our friends.

That said, I know me. I have to have something to do. I had heard that the local elementary school was a poor school with lots of single parents, lots of unemployed single parents. And unemployed two parent families too. I hope to lead Quail Run in "adopting" this school and supplying these kids with the consumable items they will need throughout the year. Paper, pencils, crayons, all the things that really add up, especially if you have more than one child in school. In addition, this school is a "wear a uniform to school" kind of school and the principal's secretary told me that after buying the necessary clothing there wasn't always money leftover to buy the kids the other things they need. This is where I hope we'll step in. I called Toltec and made an appointment with the principal for Monday morning at 10 a.m..


Four of us went. Sandy, Marlene, Diane and me. We arrived at the appointed time only to find out that the principal was called to the superintendent's office just minutes before we arrived. I'll communicate with her via email this year and the occasional phone call. Response in the park to this undertaking has been extremely positive. Cactus Carl has already promised a fundraising dance for next year. We'll have brainstorming sessions via email this summer and have a plan in place by the time we all get back to Quail Run next fall.

After leaving the school we took a ride through the "golf club neighborhood" in the area and saw this impressive cactus. That is one healthy lookin' cactus!


We also saw these flowers in bloom. So pretty!


At one we met at Diane's place for the Monday afternoon game of Mexican Train dominoes.

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LaVon Baker said...

What a wonderful idea!! Snookie, you are just the best. You all at QR will be meeting a need that is so huge. This is so exciting!
The beautiful cactus in bloom is an Argentine Giant.