Sunday, April 5, 2009

4/5/2009 Happy, Sad, All Rolled Into One

It was a lazy morning in the Quinn household this morning. Kathy came knocking on the door at 11:30 and asked if we wanted to go over to Sunscape RV Resort with Billee & Don and her and Lyle to see the cactus garden in bloom. I think she was a little taken aback that I was still in my robe. I was up, just not dressed yet.

I told her that yes I certainly did want to go but Bob said that he had things to do and would stay behind this time. He would be happy just to see the dozens of pictures I was sure to take.

I quickly got showered and dressed and at noon we took off for Eloy. We all fit in Lyle and Kathy's truck so only one vehicle was needed.

Just as we arrived at Don & LaVon's place they returned home. LaVon went in to change clothes and met us in the garden.

The garden is beginning to bloom. Unfortunately it won't be in full bloom while we are all still here.






LaVon's neighbor and friend, Toma, was also in the garden and told us about some of the plants in there. I had asked if they yellow things in the next picture were the beginning of something or the end of the something.


It turns out the yellow things are the fruit of the cactus and edible. Toma had a small pocket knife with her and picked on and sliced it so we could taste. Let me rephrase that, so Billee and Kathy could taste. I wanted no part of it!

They are filled with hundreds or maybe even thousands of small seeds.


Billee, ever so brave, stepped up to the plate first and took the first taste.




Forget it Billee, you aren't going to fool me with that smile. No way am I going to taste that!

Kathy was next.




No way Kath, that is not a Hmmm, hmmmm good, look on your face! No thanks, I'll pass. Really, I don't want any.

Don was none too pleased with the taste either from the looks of it.


Another look at the garden.


We all agreed, this cactus reminded us of President Nixon. "I am not a crook!"


There were quail everywhere but this is as close as I could get to them.


Toma paints the names of the cactus or flowers on rocks so that people can be informed at to what they are looking at.


Kathy stops to smell the flowers. Watch out for the thorns!


We found a nest with two eggs in it. We didn't see the bird that was sitting on this nest. Obviously, we got too close for comfort and we were so startled when she flew away that we didn't get to what kind she is.


After seeing all there was to see we headed home to Quail Run.

Shortly after we arrived Bob came in and asked why Don and BIllee were packing up because we knew they weren't supposed to leave for at least another week yet. I told him they didn't say they were leaving and I walked outside. It was then we saw friends helping Don break down the rig. We knew then something had happened. We walked over and were very sad to hear that they had just learned their daughter and son-in-law were in a motorcycle accident. Their dear son-in-law didn't survive his injuries and their daughter was in the hospital. They had to get home as quickly as possible.

It was determined that it would be best if they flew home and leave getting their truck and rig home to them to their friends. We would take care of things for them. Wilf will drive his truck and tow the 5th wheel home for him in about 10 days when they head back to Canada.

This day started out with smiles and joy in the garden but ended on a much more tragic note. A lesson to us all to live every day like its your last.

At 4:30 we made our way over to the Murtha's and the Moberg's for a "Must Go" party. Everyone was asked to make something to use up the food in the freezer, fridge or cabinets because it MUST GO before we leave for home, the next resort, the road. We had everything from a turkey to chicken to roast beef BBQ and sides galore. About 50 people gathered for this feast.

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