Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12/2010 We Shopped All Day

Mom and I were both up a little after seven. By seven twenty we had the cards for our first game of Hand and Foot dealt. She likes this game!

We played until I just had to break away so that I could get ready to go shopping with one of my best friends, Cindy.

We have no sales tax here in Delaware and there were some pricey things I wanted to get for our home and some clothes needed to be bought for both of us.

Cindy arrived right on time and after hello’s and how are you’s with my parents we were on our way. First stop was Kohl’s. We have light colored carpeting in the 5th wheel and because we want to keep it as clean as possible we use throw rugs in the walking areas. I had seen throw rugs that I liked when we were in Texas but they didn’t have enough of them and I’m not real crazy about paying sales tax if I don’t have to. So today I got them. There $54.99 a piece on sale, because of Mother’s Day I guess, for $27.49 and then Cindy put it on her charge for me so I could get another 30% off which took them down $19.24. Quite a savings when you consider I bought four of them.

Bob needed new pocket tee shirts in assorted colors, I bought a knife set, some bathroom accessories, two towels and a pillow protector. All totaled I spent $205.19. After all the sales and discounts I walked away paying 108.63 for this trip.

From here it was to Boscov’s. I love this store. I went crazy buying clothes here. Well, crazy for me. Five pairs of shorts and six tops, earrings and a few other small household things. Total here was $245 and change. After sales and a 15% military discount I walked out spending $109.00.

Spending like this is totally out of line for this Queen of Cheap but I hit such good sales, and face it, sometimes you just have to spend money. I don’t have sprees like this often so when I do, I don’t cringe too much.

We did go back to Kohl’s for things I couldn’t make my mind up about the first time there. The damage to my wallet wasn’t too bad, I spent less than fifty dollars this time.

All totaled, I bought $621 and change worth of stuff for $258 and change. Not a bad day’s shopping.

Cindy stayed for dinner and we had a nice relaxing time sitting around the table talking.

Bob called to let me know that his sister Carol and brother-in-law Pat were down for the weekend but would be back the following so I’ll get to see them then. He also told me that the fish weren’t biting all that much during the tournament. All the same he enjoyed being out there and it felt good to be fishing again.

After Cindy left Mom and I broke out the decks of cards and played until the wee hours of the morning.

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LaVon Baker said...

Oh how I wish I could play Hand and Foot with you and your mom!
Reminds me of the games of Mexican Train Mama and I played. She loved that game and we had so much fun playing together.