Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/2012 Getting Anxious to Start Workamping

I can’t believe I just typed out the title of this post like I did. GETTING ANXIOUS TO START WORKAMPING Who thought that up? Whoa, we’re at the beach why would I be anxious to start our summer job? There actually is a reason. I figure once we start working over at the Marina the sun will come out, the temperature will go up and the fish will start biting. This will undoubtedly happen this coming Saturday. Undoubtedly.

In years past we used to get a surf tag which meant the state gave us a license plate to put on the front of our truck (Delaware only puts license plates on the back of cars, not front and back) which would allow us to drive on the beach. Unfortunately, dually wheels prevents us from doing that anymore and also we have “soft” sand rather than hard packed sand so the weight of our truck would not be conducive to driving on the beach approaches where the sand can be deep. There is a reason I’m telling you this.

Bob would rather surf fish than stand at the rail along the inlet. He enjoys both but would rather fish from the beach. When he was in the fishing tournament our first weekend here it took him 4 trips over a pretty big sand dune to get everything to the beach. since he plans on getting his fill of fishing in this year he knew he had to something to make the transporting of stuff to the beach easier. We took care of that today.

We made a trip to K-Mart because the last time we were there Bob took notice of a sand cart. He gave it a closer look today to see if he could modify it to meet his needs. It seems it will work.


Bob took some PVC pipe and cut it to length and then screwed it onto the frame to hold the surf poles.


He marked off 2 inch increments on one of the rod holders so that he could measure a fish because we have length limits here in Delaware.


When he first started this he was using large tackle box which really added a lot of weight. To remedy that he moved things around between this large box and smaller one he has.



So it carries a tackle box, two poles, a sand spike a small seat and carry all bag which I think he used to stow the beer and a bucket.

Now Bob wasn’t the only one buying things today. I snagged two really nice pairs of shorts and a hat. Oh, the hat. I am so not a hat person. I only got one because I am going to be in the sun so much this summer. I can’t take the chance of getting these blisters on my lips again like I just did recently. On top of that this past Saturday I got sunburned on my face and I’m peeling now, so I have to do the hat thing. (Bob isn’t here or I would have him take of picture with me wearing it)


Actually, it doesn’t even fit that well, I’m in need of a haircut.

This is what we’re up to.


Anonymous said...

Can you lend out Bob? A good handy man is hard to find! When I first starting reading this post I was thinking he was getting a four wheel!
Like the hat but I would be afriad I'd get sunburn "dots" through all the tiny holes!
I'm so glad you're back to posting almost daily!

LaVon Baker said...

I thought I was about to see pictures of a golf cart. But I love how Bob's creative mind works.

And I had another comment but it left my head.


LaVon Baker said...

Ok, now I remember.

Don't you know how to take a self portrait? That old excuse of Bob not being there just won't fly, girlfriend. I know your camera has a 10 second timer on it. There are several ways to "skin this cat."