Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/2012 We Still Can’t Believe It!

Since we didn’t unhook the truck last night it wasn’t going to take us long to get on the road today. While I was busy inside getting the few things that were out of place put away and secure for traveling I heard Bob outside talking to someone. I just figured it was Jake, the workamper we met last evening and thought nothing more of it.

With my part of the chores nearly done I went outside to see how far along Bob was. I saw him talking to this fellow I had never seen before but would soon find out I had talked to him briefly on the phone four years prior.

When I walked over to where they were standing Bob said, “Snook, this is Ed and you aren’t going to believe this.”


I looked at Bob expectantly, waiting for him to go on. Bob proceeded to let me in on the reason why these two were grinning from ear to ear.

It seems when we arrived yesterday afternoon Ed saw us come in and was immediately interested in our truck. He stayed put at his place though but this morning when he saw us breaking camp he just had to come over.

He asked Bob what year our truck was and Bob told him it was an 2006. Ed then went on to say, “I see you are out of Texas. Bob explained that we are full time RV’ers and that we claim Texas as our domicile. Bob noticed Ed looking our truck over and told him that we bought it used out of Arizona. Ed looked at him and said, “You bought it from Beaudry’s RV didn’t you? Surprised, to say the least, Bob answered yes that we had bought it from there. Ed exclaimed, “I knew this was my truck!” We were face to face with the fellow who was the original owner and the one who poured thousands and thousands into it upgrading every option, adding toolboxes, the air-ride hitch, the paint job, the man who built our truck. What are the chances that we would both be passing through West Virginia, stay at the same campground and that the original owner would even recognize his truck? On second thought, strike that last part. We don’t have your average run of the mill truck so maybe it wouldn’t be so unusual for the one who built it from the ground up to take notice of it.

I reminded Ed that I had called him on the phone when I found paperwork with his name and number on it in the receipts that were still in the glove box. I had called him, prior to us signing anything, to ask why he traded a two year old truck with low mileage after spending all the money to make the truck what it is. I wanted to make sure we weren’t buying a lemon. He had assured me that there was nothing wrong with it other than his wife now wanted a motorhome instead of a 5th wheel. Ed informed us that he no longer had the truck or that wife.

Ed was quite happy to find out the truck is being well taken care of and that we are enjoying it. He left us to finish breaking camp so that we could get on our way. This truly is a small world.

So we got through West Virginia and said hello to Virginia. Did you ever wonder why it isn’t called East Virginia? No? Well neither did I until just now.


We got further into Virginia than we anticipated so we should make it home tomorrow!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

How funny to run into the original owner of the truck!

We were pulling into a campground once and saw an old old old Mayfair travel trailer. It was the SAME one we had as kids! It was wonderful to still see it being used, even now in the 2000'a when it was first made in 1960! The people who bought it from us still own it, and their grandkids now hook on and take it out to the lake for a summer break. Whodah thunk it!
Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

LaVon Baker said...

That is just the craziest thing! Yep, you were just supposed to stop at that KOA.
We have seen our old Savannah every time we go back to Norman, OK. The person that bought it pulled it right back to the park we moved it out of. I did walk over and meet him. He was enjoying our old RV.