Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/8/2012 First Sightings

We were both up at the crack of dawn this morning. It was going to be a long day driving for Bob and an even longer one for me just sitting. I had a book but I just couldn’t get into it.

We had a rough day on the road today as the idiots were out in full force. We saw signs of a right lane closure and got over to the lane left lane as soon as we safely could. Of course there are always those who stay in the right lane until it actually runs out and then expect traffic to stop so they can be let in. We couldn’t see any reason for the right lane to be closed but the left lane was getting slower, even at a standstill sometimes, because of the bottle neck happening because of the impatient drivers. At this point we still couldn’t see where the right lane ended and couldn’t figure out why the highway workers posted signs so far in advance. The left lane of traffic went on for as far as we could see and a steady stream kept passing us on the right despite the signs saying lane closure ahead. At one point, those passing us got to the point of being ridiculous and Bob moved our truck/rig to the center of the two lane road in hopes of those behind us getting the message to get in line and be patient. Well, that didn’t happen.

We reached a section in the road where a ramp was in place and cars were coming down and seeing the backed up traffic with no end in sight and they started backing up on the ramp to get back on the road they just came off of so they could get off at the next exit. So now we’ve got a five cars backing up on the ramp and two coming down. Talk about an accident waiting to happen!

Finally the car behind us had had enough of the people passing us and adding to the bottle neck and they came up along side of us and straddled the lane and shoulder of the road so that no one could get between them and us and still not be able to pass them on the shoulder.

Finally we got to the actual lane closure only to find no workers, no equipment, nothing. It was like the work was done but no one bothered to take the signs or cones or barrier away. All this time lost, all this frustration for a lot of people, all for nothing.

Maryland! We feel like we’re in our neighborhood now.


Traveling was not without incident here either. We were on a slight downgrade, traveling at about 62 miles an hour on the Interstate 95. We were in a road construction area so cones were set out and ramp barriers in place but there weren’t any workers around and traffic was moving very nicely. So we’re coming down this small hill and at the bottom there was an on ramp. There is only one lane available to us so we have to stay where we are. Two cars are on the on ramp and are evidently traveling together. We got this idea because the first car enters I-95 and STOPS to wave the car behind him on the ramp to come around him and take the lead. The car got on I-95 and STOPPED. Are you getting the picture here? Twenty seven thousands pounds of truck and 5th wheel are traveling 62 miles an hour downhill and this idiot driver gets on the Interstate and STOPS. Bob literally slammed on the brake, laid on the horn in hopes of getting this guy to move. The driver must have looked in his rear view mirror and saw us coming because he then laid on his horn and started motioning to his buddy to get moving. Needless to say they took off like bats outta hell trying to get away from us. I think that was a very good idea.

As we got closer to the Maryland/Delaware border I saw my first Delaware related sign. Rehoboth Beach, that’s where we’re headed.


I got goose bumps when I saw this one. We were home again!


My heart skipped a beat at this first.


I got excited when I saw this!


This was our first glimpse of the new bridge that just opened over the Indian River Inlet. They were still in the beginning stages of building it when we were here two years ago.


Our first ride over the bridge. Only one side is open as yet but north and south bound lanes should be open by Memorial Day.


Our first look at where we’ll spend our summer. Delaware State Seashore Campground.


Our first look at the Atlantic ocean,,,in two years!


We were greeted by our friend Lynn at the gate and spent a few minutes with her catching up.

We got settled in our site and started the process of setting up for the summer. I have to say, we just did what absolutely had to be done today, its been a long busy month getting here and we’re tired.

We’re so glad to be home.


smdrm said...

Glad you made it home safely. I'm from Louisville originally, now live in NC, and we're headed to the fulltime life by fall, we hope. Your Derby posts brought back so many memories, and a lot of information I didn't know, even though I spent 36 years in the River City!
Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us!

LaVon Baker said...

How do some people get driver's licenses???? That is just soooo scary. This is why we want to know when our peeps are traveling so we can pray for their safety. That could have been so awful, but thank God, it wasn't. Hope things didn't shift too much inside the RV when Bob had to stand up on the brakes.