Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/27/2012 No Peeing From the Dock!

It seems Bob liked the afternoon shift so I took the first shift again today. This suits me fine because I would rather work the morning hours and have the afternoon hours for the beach or laundry / housework and whatever else I may want to get into.

The morning hours were steady, never a great rush and nice breaks in between boat launchings that I got some reading in. The day was once again sunny, a nice bay breeze and all around a pleasant day. I love my job!

So there I am reading my trashy, summer beach novel, well, not really, but that reads better than… so there I am reading another edition of the detective series I’m into. Anyway, I happen to look up and towards the dock because a boat was about to be launched when I saw him. I could not believe my eyes. There for all the world to see was this fella standing on my floating dock peeing into the water. My jaw dropped. I was stunned to say the least. I just never expected to look up and see some guy who had whipped it out and peeing off my dock. After a few seconds I gathered my senses about me and knew I had to put a stop to this now! I yelled, “EXCUSE ME!” His fellow boaters looked at me and I pointed, “He’s peeing off the dock!!!” Their jaws also dropped and then I heard, “Matt! What did mommy tell you about peeing outside?” Yes indeed, this four year old was caught, shall we say, red-handed. He was certainly red-faced when he realized he was busted. Mom and Dad made him apologize to me and continued launching their boat and I went back to my book. And that was my excitement for the day.

Bob, on the other hand, had some excitement of a different kind. While my boats all went in at different times and either singly or maybe two at a time, Bob had nine boats to deal with at one time. One going out and eight coming in. Needless to say the eight all wanted to be first. We do things in a first come, first serve basis and four boats were lined up to come in, two of those at the courtesy dock, one to go out and four more to come in. The four out in the water didn’t want to hear that the courtesy dock boats were in front of them or that no one could come in the one ramp until the one going out got launched. I’m sure it was one confusing, hectic hour and a quarter until the dock was empty again. Luckily, these boaters were quite familiar with launching and pulling their boats out because each one went quickly and they finished the final tie downs in the parking lot out of the way. I imagine there will be days when most of our is spent with situations like this. I hope not, but its bound to happen.


LaVon Baker said...

Mission accomplished! Don and I both laughed out loud. You set that story up perfectly!

LaVon Baker said...

I was disappointed that there was no picture. Maybe you're going to post it in the next post???

Snookie said...

Nope, no picture LaVon. I think I might have had some 'splaining to do to the parents if I had taken a picture of their little boy in all his below the waist nakedness. I was too surprised anyway to think of the camera.