Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25/2012 Last Day of “Vacation”

Tomorrow we start work so today we used our time to catch up on things. I got a much needed haircut. Did some grocery shopping, (happen to score boneless chicken breast for $1.99 a pound so I stocked up and bought 15 pounds) did laundry and Bob fished.

The campers have been coming in a steady stream since yesterday. Every campsite is reserved as is every tent site.

I also picked up our mail today, the first time we’ve gotten it in a month. It was enough that it came in a box rather than the cardboard envelope we usually get. I think I know what made it so much. This is what I’ve been sent in just the last month. More address labels! A half dozen cards, which I’ll use for sure, note pads and a gift bag.


When we were here two years a new bridge across the Inlet was being built. This is what we see of it from our front door.


Starting tonight it will be lit. I don’t know exactly what that means so we’re anxious to see our view will be at nighttime.

A few days ago I wrote a status post in Facebook that I enjoyed waking to the song of the seagulls.


I’d like to re-visit that now. I am no longer enjoying that annoying squawking of those noisy birds.

There are some avid kite flyers in the park right now. This kite pictured below is so fun to watch. Each part of it spins independently of the other. One spins clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. This picture doesn’t do it justice to reflect just how large this kite is.


VACATION is over!

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Anonymous said...

DO you have a full sized fridge in the 5th wheel? For all that chicken. ann