Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19/2012 I Go To Work!

I was up early this morning. Before the alarm even went off. The wind was blowing pretty hard and that was not a sound I wanted to hear. Since I’m going to be right on the water I knew it was going to be on the chilly side. I got a sets of sweats out just in case. I got there right on time and went in to find out what I was supposed to do first. Keys to the golf cart in hand I went and picked one out and headed to the docks. I met up with Wayne, a full time employee and he went over a few things and then left me.

So here I am, its windy, chilly damn cold and there is no action at the docks. Not a boat in sight. This is going to be a long day I say to myself. Finally the first boat comes. I check to see if its registered to Delaware and it is. These guys paid me no mind. They knew exactly what to do and my help wasn’t needed at all. Twenty minutes later a fellow with a jet ski comes. A jet ski? Really? That water is cold! He got it offloaded, parked his truck/trailer and off he went. I did get the chance to ask him if he was nuts before he pulled away from the dock. Two more boats were put in and the next thing I know Jetski Man is back. I just looked at him and laughed. He laughed back and said, “I should have listened to you!” He had a wet suit on but it only covered his torso, upper arms and thighs. The rest was bare and subject to the cold water. He couldn’t get that jet ski out fast enough.

At 9:15 I was told to go home. The crowd they were expecting just isn’t here. Come back next weekend I’m told. They didn’t have to tell me twice.

By the time I got back to our site Bob’s sister Carol and her main squeeze Pat were there along with brother Gene and sister-in-law Linda. Hugs all around, I settled in a lawn chair, work already forgotten.

The sun had come out and jackets and sweatshirts were shed and we talked and ate and drank and laughed. Most of all we laughed.

Gene, Carol, Bob




Carol and Linda


Gene, Bob, Linda, Carol and Me


Gene, Pat and Bob


Take notice of how tan Bob is already. Can you imagine what he’s going to look like come August?

We had hoped Gene and Linda would spend the night but it just wasn’t in their plans this weekend. Hopefully, before the summer is over they’ll be back for a weekend.

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