Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20/2012 A Laid Back Day,A REALLY Laid Back Day

Let me start this with,,,,,yesterday a lot of beers were drank.

We went to breakfast at the VFW for their breakfast buffet. Bob’s sister, Carol, her guy, Pat, our friend Steve and a fishing buddy of his, Josh, Bob and I. We left the Inlet campground at ten and were on the other side of the bay within 15 minutes. We were surprised at so few cars in the parking lot as Bob, Carol and Pat ate here last week and it was packed. Carol did remember that it was Mother’s Day last week so that would certainly explain the crowd. However, these buffets are really good and we expected more of a crowd than this. The sign was still up outside, Breakfast buffet on Sunday’s so we were baffled. We soon found out that there isn’t a buffet this Sunday. I, for one, was really disappointed because they raved about how good it was last week. We were able to order off the menu so we did have breakfast there anyway. My pancakes were good and everyone enjoyed theirs except for the scrapple. It was cut too thin and cooked too long. Carol picked hers up and tapped it on her plate and it didn’t even bend, not even a little bit.

After breakfast, Steve and Josh went their way, Pat and Carol headed home to Jersey and Bob and his recliner were joined as if they were one the rest of the day.

It was a pretty miserable day too. A good day to stay indoors because of the cold, the rain and especially if you are hung over from the day before. Don’t look at me, I don’t drink!

One more week off before we start our summer workamping job.

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