Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16/2012 We Meet with Marina Mike

At ten this morning we drove over to the Marina to meet with Mike, the Marina Assistant Manager. He gave us a tour and explained everything we’ll be doing during our work shifts. It seems it will be quite hectic at times, especially during the holiday weekends.

We’ll be responsible for keeping order at the docks as far as the boaters off-loading and on-loading their boats from and to their trailers. Once the parking lot at the dock fills we’ll have to escort the boaters to a remote parking lot, get them parked and give the driver a ride back to the docks to their boat.

We will also be the first contact in case of an oil spill on the water and we’ll have to contact the authorities. We have access to the booms to contain the spill and absorbent materials should oil leak onto the loading ramp. We are both seriously hoping we don’t have to deal with that.

Bob and I will work a split shift. Its up to us how we want to work it, who works the first shift, who works the second. The morning shift is from 7 – 12 and the afternoon shift is 1 – 6. I think that may be changed just a little bit in the near future. We are also assigned litter patrol here in the campground for one loop and we have to have time for that. We haven’t figured out how we’re going to do our time. A lot will depend on tides, (think fishing) on whether or not I have a girlfriend coming down for an afternoon on the beach, what’s for dinner (the one who works mornings will have to cook dinners) and who knows what else will come into play as the summer progresses.

We made a run to Home Depot and K-mart for new lawn chairs in the afternoon.

Other than this we just hung out. Before I close this I want to send out a Happy Birthday wish to one of our friends. Happy Birthday KK! See you soon.


Mike Volentine said...

This is mpv8439 and after all of these months of reading your blog from the beginning I thought I would leave a comment. Have really enjoyed traveling with you around this beautiful country. We travel in a motor home about 4 months out of the year. We have a daughter that lives in Dover and always visit her during the month of September and spend a few days down at the Delaware Seashore. Looked in my log for last year to see if we were there when you were but we came in the day after labor day and that was the day you all left. I didn't know that Boscov's gave a military discount. Have made this longer that I should have but you write an excellent blog. Thanks again, Mike

Snookie said...

Thank you so much for taking the time write your comment. I really do appreciate hearing from readers. Thank you for your kind comments, they too are truly appreciated.
We'll be here longer this year, til at least the 10th of September we're thinking, maybe longer.
Boscov's gives a 15% discount which coupled with their good sales means a good savings!
Glad you are enjoying the journey.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! this sounds like alot of work. I thought you guys were retired !
I have been a "lurker" on your blog since the beginning. I check in on you daily.
What would happen if you ever decide that you dont want to stay for the whole season? You two always seem to tough it out no matter what. Good on you !
I am looking forward to learning about this summer adventure.....