Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/2012 Back to the Beach

Mom and Dad brought me back to the beach today. We drove in and out of rain showers on the way down and by the time we reached the beach the sky was blue and the sun was out.

Bob was surprised at all the bags we unloaded from the trunk of the car and all that I had bought and especially pleased when I told him how much I spent. Or maybe that should be how much I didn’t spend.

His sister and brother-in-law stopped by to say so long and that they would be back Friday.

I also missed our friends Steve and Kerry this weekend but they’ll be back Wednesday for two weeks. Kerry and I will get some serious beach time in I’m sure.

There is one thing that I haven’t mentioned at all in the past week that is still giving me problems. The day we went to the Kentucky Derby (the 5th) I was out in the sun for 12+ hours without sunscreen. I already had a base tan and I wasn’t really concerned about it. However, I never gave thought to being out that long and not using some kind of sunblock on my lips. Two days after the Derby my bottom lip broke out with these horrible blisters and one side swelled considerably. Well, the swelling has gone down but the blisters are still giving me problems. Some of them have healed and disappeared but one just won’t heal no matter what I put on it. Besides keeping me out of the sun its preventing me from enjoying a Capriotti’s sub as yet. I’m not really a hat person but that may change here very soon. At least until this heals.

Panama hat clip art

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