Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/2012 Heading Home, Full Steam Ahead!

The Kentucky Derby is over. Bob has marked it off his bucket list.

We saw some pretty cool things while here in Kentucky and I can say this is one state I would like to come back to and actually visit the places whose signs we merely passed.

We had hopes of getting a lot done last night when we got home from the Derby. That didn’t happen. I barely had the energy to get a shower and crawl into bed. Bob just didn’t want to deal with any of it either.

This morning we were tired and not moving real fast but we were moving. Everything finally put away and the truck hooked up and ready to roll, we bid so long to Tina and Mary Lynn. We’ve talked about them taking the ferry over to Rehoboth (Ree-hoe-beth) Beach from New Jersey and meeting us for dinner this summer. (Blue claw crabs of course.)

We were finally on our way. We’re heading home. I want the miles to roll by quickly now. I would like for us to put in long days on the road to get us home quicker but I know that isn’t fair to Bob or even safe for us. Too much time has passed since I last saw my mom and dad. I need that face to face time and I am anxious.

I stare out the window and watch the countryside slide by.


I smile as Bob points out the sign up ahead. West Virginia. One state closer to home.


Although we don’t normally stay at KOA campgrounds as they are on the pricey side, we threw budgetary caution to the wind and pulled into a KOA at the end of a long day. It was convenient.

I went in to pay for the night’s stay and struck up a conversation with the 30-something woman behind the desk. She and her husband are full-timer's and workamp at this KOA and its their fourth year here. I was curious as to why they keep coming back to the same place when there’s a whole country out there to explore. She explained that they didn’t know how to go about finding the jobs out there. I took her email address so that I could send a list of a dozen sites she could go to to look for workamping jobs.

Her husband escorted us to our site and Bob struck up a conversation with him. We ended up talking about a half hour or so with Jake with a promise of leaving the list in the morning with his wife. I think we were meant to stop here to help this young RV’ing couple out. In fact, Jake is a carpenter by trade and knows plumbing and electric too. I suggested he look into going to school to learn RV repair. I practically saw the light bulb go on over his head. Yep, we weren’t meant to meet these people. We gave them a card with our info and told them to call if they had any questions that we could help them with.

Still tired from yesterday, we turned in early.

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LaVon Baker said...

Staying at that KOA was no coincidence. Isn't it fun to be a blessing to someone else? They will soon be say with the rest of us... "We have met the nicest people while RVing!!! Salt of the earth!"