Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30/2012 A Day Spent with My Friend, Deb

I took a ride with Deb this morning to Lewes (pronounced Loo-iss) so that she could make reservations for the ferry on Friday. It’s a damp, drizzlin’ kind of day so this was a good time to get this taken care of. Deb is going to be spending some time in South Jersey admiring the Painted Ladies in the region. No, I’m not talking about the Jersey girls with the over the top make up. Think TV’s shows like Jersey Shore (the other Snooki, geez, she even spells it wrong) or Jerseylicious. No, the Painted Ladies aren’t even human beings but rather grand old Victorian homes painted in three or more colors with great detail work and lots and lots of gingerbread. Maybe someday this summer, if I can down enough Dramamine, I too will hop the ferry and go over and photograph some Painted Ladies myself. They are beautifully done and a sight to behold.

Deb decided that taking the ferry to Jersey, even at a cost of over $70.00 for her truck and camper was the way to go since the tolls total almost $15.00, fuel was going to run close to $45.00 and since it is race weekend in Dover this weekend, what normally would be a three to three and half hour drive would certainly turn in to six or more. I have to agree with her, it is money well spent.

Yes, NASCAR is racing in Delaware this weekend. This means Dover will be near gridlock and the beaches will feel the crunch because very few want to brave Dover to get here. I’ve already heard there are plenty of campsites available this weekend. Dover and all of her businesses will make a killing though!

Reservations made we stopped at a store to pick up a few things and then headed back to the Inlet. I helped Deb with her blog, getting a few gadgets added and just talking about the importance of always taking the camera everywhere she goes and how everything is potential blog material.

I don’t think Deb will mind if I give you a little background here. My friend lost her husband, her beloved Les, six weeks ago. It was their dream to fulltime RV and she has decided to go ahead with the plan. She needed to get away after being the fulltime caregiver for the last four months and decided to take her first trip now. She left New Hampshire and visited friends in Lancaster, then came to see me and will head to New Jersey for a week and then back up to her home. Her home that she will now head full bore into getting ready for the market. She’s loving her first venture out and is looking forward to traveling and exploring and making lots of new friends along the way. Deb isn’t traveling alone, she has her long haired dachshund, Duncan, with her, and even he is enjoying all the new smells to explore.

After dinner Deb and I headed to Rehoboth Beach to walk the boards and to wander in and out of the shops that were open this early in the season during the week. I would venture to say that a third of them aren’t yet.

Strolling the boards and window shopping can take a lot of energy and one needs to refuel that ol’ tank of get up and go every once in awhile. Deb and I debated on which fuel we should go with and decided on Ice Cream!

There seemed to be pretty long line at this one shop so we took that as a good sign. Little did we know.

My favorite ice cream is butter pecan. That said, I still decided to look at the flavors just in case something else struck my fancy. Deb looked at me and said, “Bacon ice cream?” I looked at her like she had grown another head and then looked at the board because surely she is misreading something. Nope, bacon ice cream was on the board. Along with Third Trimester, Zombie, Crack, Ooey Gooey, Cereal Killer and the ever popular BOOGER! I kid you not.

Now they would give you small samples if you asked but neither one of us would or even could, unlike the fudge shop. I stuck with my tried and true butter pecan and Deb ordered strawberry cheesecake flavor.

I wonder who does the taste testing for these flavors in the development stage? I also wonder what they use as their taste guide? A plate of bacon, ok, I can go with that. But Third Trimester? And BOOGER? Oh please. There is not enough money for me to take that job!


When we got back to the campground we took Duncan for a walk and just as we got across from my site I took a nasty fall. The sand had eroded away from the blacktop road and I didn’t see it in the dark. My knee was pretty banged up, my palm, and toes were scraped thanks to wearing flip-flops. I’m sure I’ll live.

Another day for the history books.

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LaVon Baker said...

Praying you are ok.

Deb is blessed to have spent the day with you.