Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18/2012 Oops..Forgot Some Stuff

I hit publish too quickly yesterday and didn’t read it first to make sure I had everything in the post that I wanted to.

During our meeting with Marina Mike yesterday the marina manager, Theresa, came in. She asked us when we were supposed to start and we told her Memorial Day weekend. She looked at Mike and said, “We’re supposed to be very busy this coming weekend.” I looked at Bob, Bob looked at me and no one was saying a thing. The silence was deafening. A very definite pregnant pause. Finally I spoke up and said, “Well, we can cover that.” I could feel Bob’s eyes on me. Mike responded with “Great, be here at 8 a.m.!” We got out in the hallway and Bob said, “Snook, I have family coming this weekend.” What was I supposed to do? It was obvious they were waiting for one of us to say something. I assured Bob that he wouldn’t miss anytime with his family, that I would work the weekend, I had it covered. If only we had gotten out of the office just a few minutes earlier. Oh well, it is what it is.

The weather hasn’t been exactly the best here. We seem to be under a stationary cloud. It’s not exactly cold but its not warm either. We haven’t turned to long pants and sweatshirts so at least that’s something. Still, we are longing for sunshiny days and temps near 80. After all, we are at the beach!

I’ve been to the grocery store and all I can is YIKES! The prices here on the east coast are so much higher than they were in Texas. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the shelves are covered because they are empty. I happen to ask why when I was checking out and the clerk told me that they don’t stock as much during the winter months because the population just can’t support the store at full capacity. Hopefully the tourist season will bring the prices down. I can see where Bob and I are going to have to travel to Dover at least once a month and do a big shopping at Dover Air Force Base. Paying $12.99 for Maxwell House coffee just isn’t going to work for me. Not when I was spending $8.99 just a month a half ago, less when I had a coupon.

All in all its good to be home.

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