Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/2012 Zabby Responds

In the last couple of posts I made mention of a friend ours that we call Zabby, which is a nickname played off of his last name in case you are wondering.

Anyway I had written that Zabby emails me names of bars to go to in the cities we’re in. No cultural venues, no places with historical significance, just bars.

In a post a day later I made mention of a museum other friends of ours highly recommend while we were in Nashville.

Well, I think ol’ Zab took exception to what I implied, that he has no culture, no interest in history and that the local bars are the be all, end all, for him.

I got an email from Zabby yesterday. He let me know that he did indeed have an appreciation of statuary. That I am most definitely wrong about my observation of his worldly views and interests. Ok, Zab, I’ll buy that, just prove me wrong. My friends, he did! He did in fact send me a photo of him enjoying the beauty of a statue. I kid you not.

Did he send me a picture of him gazing up at our own Lady Liberty?

Statue of Liberty.

Uh, No!

Did he send me a picture of him admiring the famous Town Musicians of Bremen statue in Germany?

No, there are no animals in the picture he sent.

Perhaps you think that Zab sent a picture of himself standing there in awe in the shadow of the statue of David.


No, I’m sorry to say this wasn’t it either.

Now I should probably tell you here that Zabby is well traveled. I mean how else would he know what bar was located in what town? Keeping this in mind is there an inkling of a possibility that Zabby sent a picture of …. of…..him standing in front of the SPHINX?

Oh please! He knows bars in Corpus Christi and Nashville and probably which bar is on every corner in Delaware. I don’t know for sure but I don’t think he’s that well traveled!

So what did our friend send us? What statue was he so admiring?

Here it is folks!


Yep, that’s our Zabby!

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Donna K said...

Oh that's funny - the old Perv!!!