Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/2012 May Already!

May! The month in which we go HOME. The month in which we connect with family and friends once again. The month in which we start our summer living at the beach. The month in which we can once again start enjoying decent subs and cheesesteaks and blue claw crabs. And lets not forget it’s the month that Bob marks something off his bucket list. I think we’re going to like this month of May!

Out first full day here in Kentucky and as usual we pretty much stay put. I did have to venture out to find a Laundromat and I did meet some very nice ladies there who were very willing to help me add things to our must see/must do list while here.

In the late afternoon Bob and I went out in search of a Kroger’s grocery store to buy, among other things, a Pegasus Pin. Don’t ask, we don’t know exactly what its for yet but I understand it’s a must have thing during Derby Week. When I find out exactly what it does or what its for I’ll let you know.

Did you know there are a half a dozen different ways to say

L – O – U – I – S – V – I – L – L – E?

There are and I think we’ve heard all of them in the short time since we’ve been here.

They are:






and of course, the completely wrong way…


People! There is NO “S” in Louisville!

We had neighbors come and park next to us and they are from, of all places, New Jersey. Two women, who left their husbands back in Jersey to come to the Kentucky Derby. They have their new outfits and their hats and are so excited to be here.

Did I mention that we are in the flight pattern for the Louisville Airport? Ah yes, the airport. That light…about seventy five feet from our rig.


Louisville must be a hub for UPS and Fed-ex because those planes are coming in quite often.

Did I mention the train tracks aren’t too far away either. We can hear the chugga – chugga of the trains and the whistle quite clearly. Well, quite clearly when they aren’t drowned out by the sound of 18 wheeler’s and cars of all sizes and motorcycles with loud pipes on I-65 which is just a stones throw away from our front door. And wouldn’t you know the grounds keeping department here decided to cut the grass that our rig is backed up to at 8 a.m. this morning. Peace and quiet are not words that we’re using right now.

Its all good in the grand scheme of things.

Bob called our friend Marvin today. If at Marvin's house and the TV is on, you can bet it’s on the Racing channel. Horse racing that is. Marvin knows the ponies! He has known we were coming here for awhile now and has been watching the performance of the contenders for us. Bob checked in to find out what Marvin thinks to far. Marvin has favor with two of the horses and will study on it some more before Saturday’s race.

Well, that its for today!

Oh, before I forget. I’ve been asked some questions in the comments recently and I will be answering them here in a post. Some of them are going to take some thought to answer and more time than what I have right now. I will get to them though.

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