Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/2012 We Finish Setting Up

As anxious as I am to get to the northern part of Delaware we have to spend another day here at the beach getting our home set up for the summer. Besides, Bob really needs a day away from the steering wheel of the truck.

Laundry is caught up, the rig is set up, knick-knacks are set out, the matting between dinner plates has been removed and we’re ready for summer.

Bob found some paperwork that I filled out for our workamping job in the marina this summer and it had the date May 10th on it. He thought that was our start date. I was thinking it was the 15th because that's the date we started last time. I was certainly hoping it was the 15th because we just had to make it up to Wilmington before we start workamping.

I called the volunteer coordinator, Kim, to verify our start date. Imagine our surprise when she said Memorial Day Weekend. Great, we’re off for the next two weeks!

She did ask us to come over to the Marina to meet the Marina manager and assistant manager. We did that in the afternoon and we’ll go back to the Marina on the 16th to get shown around and be given our uniform shirts and an outline of our duties. The fellow we’re going to work closely with, Mike, seems very nice and friendly.

Back home, I started to get things together for the next few days in Wilmington.

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