Friday, February 15, 2013

2/14–2/15/2013 Not Doing Much!

(Arizona City, AZ)

I’m certainly not doing much around here and Bob isn’t doing much more than me.

I’ve started the medicines the emergency room doctor prescribed and I don’t like them at all.  They make me sleep/sleepy and the Vicodin knocks me for a loop.  I can’t focus on anything and much of the time can’t focus my eyes on anything.  Makes computer time difficult at best.

Friday was the mini golf event in our Winter Olympics and there was just no way I could take part in that as I couldn’t bend over to get my ball out of the hole.  Bob did go play but didn’t play his best game.

Friday night we missed out on the “Senior” Prom the park had.  I don’t know that we would have gone to this anyway regardless of my back pain.  There just wasn't much time to go shopping for a formal.  The idea is to go to the local thrift shops and get your prom gown or perhaps bring your fancy cocktail dress from home.  Now let me make clear that not everyone gets “dressed to the nines” but probably half do.  Regardless, there’s no dancing for me right now.

Our Quail Run season certainly isn’t going as planned.

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