Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/5/2013 Second Leg of the Texas Trek

We got another early start today.  We’re really anxious to get to Arizona now.  Not to mention we’re tired of being in the truck.

You know what else we’re tired of?  THESE!


They are everywhere!  There is no escaping them.  Every state, every county, every city, every road we drive on….they’re there!  I know we should be  thankful that our cities and states take care of the roads but during rush hour in crowded places these are just the last things we want to see.

Our goal today was Fort Stockton.  We are extending our normal 200 – 250 miles a day to 300 – 325 miles.  Its pushing it for us but like I said, we’re anxious to get back to Arizona.

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