Friday, February 8, 2013

2/8/2013 Hellooooo Arizona!

(New Mexico - Arizona)

Today was the last day of our trek to Arizona.

We only had about four and half hours worth of driving to get to Quail Run, so we were on the road once again by eight.

We did have some very enjoyable scenery on the way.


We passed this little ghost town and I wished that we had the time, or perhaps the gumption, to stop and explore.  Nope, not happening, its like we have tunnel vision and can only see our final destination so we stop for nothing!




Finally!  Finally, we see the state sign we’ve been watching for!


I so wished that overpasses, sound barriers and the such were as decorated back east as they are here.




Texas Canyon is always a welcome sight.


Before long we were in Tucson and back to the decorative highway stuff.








Take notice in the two above, there’s no litter.  It’s pretty, its attractive, people just don’t want to mess it up.  Seriously, wouldn’t you rather have decorated overpass fences and underpass decorated areas rather than plain ol’ cement, or worse yet, graffiti ridden cement? 

The other day when I was talking with my mom on the phone she asked me, “Are you anxious to get home?”  That really struck me as strange that she would say that.  Delaware is home.  Its where we grew up, its where our family and friends are, its where we go back to.  That said, about 20 miles out we looked at each other and one said, “We’re almost home” and the other agreed. 

So it took us 8 days, 7 states, 7 tanks of fuel ($693.77) 6 RV parks ($239.04) 4 Interstate highways and 2,103 miles from the time we said, “Arizona, here we come!”

When we pulled into Quail Run, it did indeed feel like we were home.

It was so incredibly wonderful to have our friends come over when they saw we were setting up and settling in.  Hugs and handshakes all afternoon.

Yep, we’re HOME and we’re glad to be here!

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