Friday, February 22, 2013

2/20-2/22/2013 Mini Golf…at last

(Arizona City, AZ)

It’s been COLD here in the desert!  People aren’t out and about, everyone seems to be hangin’ around at home.  We’re running the fireplace 24/7 it seems.  Spring cannot arrive soon enough for us!  We aren’t alone though, it seems like people all over the country are smacked with strange weather.

Friday dawned bright and a little warmer than what it has been.  It is still light jacket or sweatshirt weather but that’s ok…’s warmer.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to make out with my back still bothering me somewhat but it turned out fine because Shirley K. had a ball retriever on the end of her golf club.  No bending,

Today is our first day that we get to play in the Friday morning mini golf sessions.  The sessions last for three weeks.  As I told you all before our mini golf court has been re-carpeted.


What a difference it makes!


Mini golf is done differently this year than it has been done in the past.  In years past, for the most part, it was straight, standard, mini golf with a few “different games” thrown in.  For instance, we might use ping pong balls instead of golf balls.  This year, a new couple are leading the mini golf and every game is different.  I understand we missed the game where everyone had to putt sitting down.  I hear that one was tons of laughs.


This week, after we all made our first putt, the one who was furthest away went next and it went on that way all through the game.  It certainly kept us on our toes as to who was going next.

Bob waiting for his turn.


As I said earlier, the new carpeting made a world of difference.  On nine wholes I scored a never before obtained ,,,,drum roll please,,,,,,,,28!  I truly expect it to be a one time thing.  Bob also had a good day, not as good as mine….but a good day.

This afternoon it warmed up nicely but we hear it isn’t going to last.

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