Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18/2013 New Signs for Quail Run

(Arizona City, AZ)

There isn’t much going on around the park today. 

Bob is golfing with our friend Mike and this is the first time he’s been out in awhile so I’m hoping he’s having a good day.

I took a walk up to the Oasis which houses our library today.  I was quite surprised when I walked in and looked around.  Over the past five years quite a library of hardcover books have been donated in our book exchange.  Popular authors, Patterson, Clancy, Cornwell, Cook, Grisham, Steele, Taylor and the list goes on.  Today, I didn’t see one single hard cover book and not nearly as many paperbacks as we used to have.  I have heard through the Quail Run grapevine that the books were given away to be sold so that an outside group could buy costumes of some sort?   That just makes me sad.  I’m not a Kindle or Nook owner, I like holding a book and turning the pages, especially a hard cover book.

So while I was walking I thought I’d take a picture of our new entrance sign.  Someone here in the park, I don’t know who, re-did them.


The sign over the office was also re-done.


Since we were here last the swimming pool has been re-done so it looks brand new.   In addition the mini golf course has been done over and it too is very nice.


Some much needed and very nicely done changes.

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