Saturday, February 2, 2013

2/2/2013 On the Road to Louisiana

(Westlake, LA)

We pulled out of our site just minutes after eight this morning.  On the way out of town we saw this.


I can’t remember the last time I saw a McDonald’s with the Golden Arches on the building like this one.  Do you remember McDonald’s when you just went up to the window?  That was back when hamburgers were fifteen cents and fries were twelve.  Of course when the burgers were that price I couldn’t even see over the outdoor counter because I was just a little girl then.  Really!

We crossed the Louisiana line earlier than we expected.


We had made plans to stop in Biloxi for the night but by the time we got there it just was just too early to get off the road.  So we pressed on.

By mid afternoon we pulled into Whispering Meadows RV Park in Westlake, Louisiana.  What a wonderful little park this is.  Very well kept, easy access, the friendliest staff/owners you’d ever hope to meet and they don’t try to take you for everything you have.  The rates were certainly reasonable and I really appreciated the $1.25 washers and dryers.

While I was doing laundry a fellow came in and of course we got to talking. When his laundry was done he told me had to go shuck the oysters him and his buddies caught just a few hours earlier.  I bid him farewell and was surprised a few minutes later when he returned with a plastic bag half filled with freshly shucked oysters.  He told me he felt bad talking about such a good catch and not sharing.  I don’t eat them but Bob was a happy camper.  I’ve said it several times before, you just meet the nicest people in campgrounds and RV parks.

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